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Maccheroni – an excellent restaurant in Rome


This restaurant came highly recommended (Michelle Obama ate there on a Rome trip) so on a recent visit we tracked it down.  It is quite close to the fabulous Pantheon – one of my favourite sites in Rome.  It is partly under scaffolding just now, which spoils the effect somewhat, but I’m sure it will be back to its beautiful Pantheon self soon.

The restaurant was busy and we didn’t have a reservation, but they cheerfully found us a table downstairs.

the open kitchen

Amber was made welcome

  I chose chicken cacciatora, which was  delicious.  I have only had this dish with a tomato based sauce, but this was better, with a spicy white wine sauce.  My grilled vegetables were also excellent.

my delicious chicken

grilled vegetables

Amber had pasta with saffron and zucchini flowers. Yum!

upside down pasta

Maccheroni is in the tiny Piazza delle Coppelle 44.  Don’t worry too much about the number, just find Via Coppelle, walk along until you come to the Piazza and you will see the restaurant on the corner.  We didn’t order dessert even though they looked delicious.  We were saving ouselves for a San Crispino gelato from the nearby gelateria.  The biggest problem is deciding which fabulous flavour to try.  Being greedy, I want them all.

PS. We went again recently when we were in Rome and I ordered artichoke – it was not good. The restaurant was being painted which is a pity, I like the old peeling walls.


  1. I LOVE this restaurant! I was there twice last month 🙂 You have to get “Lovely” as your waiter and try the cheese plate next time!

    • Thanks for the tip. I haven’t heard from you for a while.

  2. Nothing wrong with wanting to try all gelato flavours. You owe it to your blog readers to research the best one and then pass on the verdict…It’s your duty Debra.

    That pasta dish looks very tasty!

    • It is a duty I take very seriously. I love the hazelnut and pistachio flavours, but licorice is my absolute favorite. The chocolate is always good and pear is just like eating a frozen pear. Grom has a marron glace that I just can’t resist. I will be back soon to further my studies.

  3. Sorry Deb, but this restaurant is one that we just can’t get to like. We have tried it a few times and every time we just feel that the food is below standard compared to other similar ones in Rome. Rome has some great restaurants at reasonable prices and we have tried a lot. One near there is Amando restaurant which is excellent.
    I agree with your comment on the Pantheon being one of the great sites of Rome.

    • Amber and I both enjoyed our meals. We thought the service was friendly and helpful. I have eaten in quite a few restaurants in Rome as well, and quite liked maccheroni. I guess you can’t please everyone.

  4. I shall seek it out next time…Thanks for all the great posts!

    Somehow in trying to re-jig my theme on WP I have lost my link to your site. I just noticed it and it shall be rectified immediately so my other blog mates can enjoy your posts!


    • Thank you for that. When is your next trip to Italy?

  5. Great meals and great company!

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