Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 2, 2012

There’s a frog on my balcony


We wouldn’t have noticed the lovely green frog if we hadn’t been cat sitting Liz’s cat, Coco, the 17 year old Siamese.
We heard a loud noise almost like barking and I went to investigate. Coco and the frog were nose to nose, neither one knowing what to do next. The frog stood its ground, not moving an inch, all the time making fierce noises. Coco eventually slunk off quietly. The frog looked most pleased with itself and allowed photos to be taken.



It is lovely to hear the frogs calling at night. For years while we were in drought we didn’t hear any. It is nice to know they are out and about again.

Coco is not so pleased. She looks traumatized by the whole incident.



  1. The frog does look like it is pleased. We have many new frogs around here because of the rain. Amazing that they have survived all this time. Tough little fellas. I’d be smiling too.

    • I love frogs! I’m so happy they are back I hope I see our little mate again.

  2. That frog is a cutie.

    • He was a lovely shade of green.

  3. I adore these green frogs, such smiley faces. I love the geckos too, they catch moths on the outside of my bathroom window when I turn on the light at night. When I was having breakfast on my back patio this morning I found a dove had nested in one of my hanging baskets. I’d heard it cooing a few days ago but didn’t realize it was in there. I knew there were eggs in there but thought they could be old. I’ll now watch for babies. I need my own blog to put these on so I don’t fill yours up with Bargara news instead of Bagni di Lucca news.

    • How lovely to have wildlife around you. There are herons nesting in trees above Ponte a Serraglio.

  4. beautiful frog! funny expression on Coco…

    • Coco didn’t know what to do with the frog.

  5. Coco safely home in New Farm now and in therapy !!!

    • I’m sure she will recover nicely.

  6. I didn’t mean to be anonymous – but its this wretched ICloud – messing me up again!!!

  7. What a cute frog!! Hugs Rose

    • He was a very cute frog and quite big.

  8. Brian very excited! adores frogs, squinted at the pic, he used to rescue tiny tree frogs which hid at the top of the hands of bananas when he worked at Safeway. The zoo didn’t want them so he kept them at home in a terrarium and fed them with crickets. We get frogs in February out and about looking for a pond to spawn in, they and the toads are always somwhere in the garden 🙂

    • This frog was about the size of my hand. I love frogs and I hope he stays nearby and makes himself visible occasionally. We have a big cane toad problem in Queensland, but I haven’t seen too many of those lately.

  9. How beautiful! Frogs mean a healthy environment 🙂

    • It is great to hear them croaking in the evenings.

  10. Oh dear Debra, this was amazing… I can imagine this lovely Coco…. You captured them all so nicely… Could it be a Prince, this frog 🙂 Thank you, Happy New Year, with my love, nia

    • Coco is very beautiful and expects to be treated like a queen.

  11. Frogs singing at night is one of my favorite sounds.

    • I love it too, but this is the first year for a long time that have heard them. I hope they stick around.

  12. Wonderful closeup photos and what a smile, so cute!

    • He seemed very happy to pose for the camera.

  13. Gosh, the frog photos are amazing! Love this post, Deb——–

    • I love frogs. I hope he decides to live on my balcony.

  14. Looks as if he could have been the model for Kermit…

    • Kermit is still looking good after all these years. He has been in Australia promoting his new movie and has been interviewed by everyone. He has quite a sense of humour. When asked how he manages to keep looking so young, he replied ” I like to keep moist”

  15. That’s one daring frog, standing his ground when nose to nose with a cat.
    …and a beautiful cat it is. Did she need a few extra cuddles to work her way through the incident?

    • Coco loves to be patted, especially around her head. She was very keen to put the frog incident behind her.

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  17. He’s so cute! I remember seeing one just like this in the Daintree and it was so teeny tiny and cute 🙂

    • This frog was quite big, which I suppose gave it the courage to stand up to the cat.

  18. Hello, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations! Check my page for nomination.

    Versatile Blogger Award

    • Thank you very much for the nomination. I will look into it.

  19. Thank you for visting my blog. That is a nice photo of a frog. I really like frogs 🙂 from Judy in Minnesota

    • This is a very brave frog.

  20. Coco, don’t worry, be happy 🙂

    • Coco has fully recovered from her ordeal and has moved on.

  21. Awww…the frogs look ardobale – thanks for sharing! Peace.

    • I hope the frog continues to live in my garden.

  22. Ha ha! I can just imagine a stand-off between a frog and cat! I’m writing and illustrating children’s books while abroad, and this unlikely pairing will definitely make it into my sketchbook!
    Thanks for sharing!

  23. Great shots of the frog!!

    • The frog seemed quite happy to smile for the camera.

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  26. Regarding the beautiful frog seen on the Daintree river in Queensland, for some time I lived in the charming little village called Lolworth in Cambridgeshire. In the graveyard of Lolworth parish church is the tomb of Richard Daintree, after whom the Daintree River is named. Daintree (1831-1878) had been the Government Geologist in North Queensland and later became the Agent-General for Queensland in London. His parents came to live at Lolworth Grange and he is buried with them in a railed enclosure at the west end of the church.

    • …very interesting connection.

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