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Faces in Napoli

Naples was a surprise favourite place to visit in 2012, so I am starting the new year by going back to show you some more of this incredible place.


I found more interesting faces in Napoli than anywhere I have been. Choosing the best has not been easy. Here goes.



These 2 are in the Gesu Nuova church. The faces below are on the facades of buildings in Spaccanapoli.







Napoli is famous for its Nativity scenes. As well as these and the religious figurines, there is a never ending supply of figurines of famous people. You can buy just about anyone.





I think they made him look a bit girly.

They were pretty quick off the mark. When I was there Carla Bruni had just given birth to a baby girl.


Obama had been updated as well. Apparently he used to come with a sign saying “I’m tall, handsome, young and have a good tan.”


Michelle was not left out.


Some of the faces represented are not famous, but they are interesting just the same.





For the next few faces it is back to church. This time it is the lovely church of Santa Chiara.





These are high and mighty in Piazza Plebiscito.






Here are some I met on the street.




2 happy fishmongers setting up for the day.


Meet Gianni, one of the army of chaps carrying covered trays of precious coffee to those shopkeepers too busy to dash out for their fix.

I will leave the last word to Shirley. Have a wonderful 2012!!!


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  1. An idea…. cycle sightseeing…. Save time and watch more than walking….

    • That sounds like a great idea, particularly in Lucca. The walls are made for cycling.

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  4. Wow, some of those break your heart don’t they? So sad.. The thing I most remember about Napoli was the scariest traffic i had EVER been in! c

    • The 2 children pulled the heart strings. In the historic centre there are few cars, but the area around the station is horrific. Did you see the chooks on the wrap up post? I thought you might be interested in the chooks and the bulls.

  5. And many more faces to spot in 2012, Debra. Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year to you to and many more travels to come.

  6. Love your photos and blog!

    <3 Linnea

  7. There should have been a Happy New Year there as well.

    • Happy New Year to you too, wherever you may be.

  8. I really like the faces series-because I am fascinated by people. As lovely as the sculptures are, the pictures of the people were my favourite 🙂

    • It is not so easy to get photos of real people. Sometimes it feels a bit intrusive, but some people are happy to pose.

  9. some beautiful faces in there Debra. I always like the chalk drawings that the artists do, some of them are absolutely stunning.
    To a happy new year of wonderful new faces and fabulous travels.

    • There are always new things to discover. Let’s hope 2012 is full of good things.

  10. Very interesting!!!! happy Newyear and we are looking forward to the next 365 articles of yours!!!

    • I’m looking forward to being in Bagni di Lucca again and doing some work on Vergemoli.

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  12. Great faces, Deb. Happy New Year to you! May your 2012 be full of more amazing faces in even more incredible places!

    • Happy New Year to you Kathy. There is always so much promise when facing a brand new year.

  13. Well a hearty Buon Anno to you and yours! Great post with a lot of ‘moving’ faces, some stunning sculpting and fascinating ‘real’ faces (thought the chalk artist rather dishey himself!). Today, here in Toronto, it looks (and feels) like a Spring day. The sun is bright, the sky blue with fluffy clouds; consider it a good omen for the year ahead, despite the remaining blotches of ‘shaving cream’ on the lawns and roadways. Aren’t we all fortunate! Stay well.

    • The weather sounds wonderful just now. Have a great New Year!

  14. Happy New Year Debra! I really want to visit Napoli-you always hear these bad things about it, but I think it’s probably a wonderful city and I have to go and try the pizza.

    • Naples is fabulous! You will love it.

  15. Love all the faces. What a interesting perspective! Happy new year

    • Naples is full of wonderful things.

  16. Napoli, Mi piace! It isn’t popular but glad to see it highly recognized on your page.

    Oh, you took face pictures of the statues at the Piazza Plebiscito. One of them has big er….balls. Hehe 😀

    • I also have a photo of that, but I didn’t post it. Those trousers are most impressive!

  17. I loved all your faces Debra. My favourites were St Francis (was it?) and the nun in Santa Chiara and the pavement painting – really beautiful. Happy 2012 to you and yours. I’ve done my N.Y. resolutions which sound reasonable and so achievable. Concentrating on learning Italian is one of them. Have you ever done a section on Verona which I think is my favourite city in the world?

    • I think it is St Francis. I have done one post on Verona. Just type Verona in the search box on the right of the blog and it should come up. I love Verona!

  18. Great photo concept, thanks. Happy New Year too!

    • I find these faces fascinating.

  19. Love the Amy W. face…I will miss her music 🙁

    • I thought her little figurine was very sad.

  20. Thanks for all the informative posts Deb. You take the hassle out of travelling for a lot of people. Your tips are really reliable and it saves time because although most of us love travelling, it can be challenging sometimes. Thanks also for all the lovely photos. Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year to all of you in Germany. I hope 2012 is all good.

  21. Hello Debra! Thanks for your visit to my blog 😉 Now it is my turn. And I like your “FACES” series – excellent idea – this is great!

    • Thank you. I like to look for faces wherever I go.

  22. Spectacular as always! LOVED Napoli!!

    • I loved Napoli too. It came as a big surprise.

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  27. Ah Naples and its “Christmas Street”! When I was there in December of 2012, Will and Kate had not been married very long, and I’m not even sure I knew yet that she was expecting, but her statue had a nice little baby bump. Also while Berlusconi didn’t have devil’s horns, he had a for sale 50% off sign hanging around his neck. I can blame this street for starting my Nativity scene collection. I bought my first one here probably around 1980 and the collection now fills a 6-shelf curio cabinet.

    • I loved Naples would go back in a heartbeat. It fabulous, full of life and what you expect Italy to be.

  28. Well done. I’ll be scrutinising faces tomorrow!

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