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I climbed the Guinigi tower in Lucca

The Guinigi tower was added to the family house in the late 1300s as an emblem of prestige – a common trend at the time. It is one of only a few remaining in Lucca. There is a great view of Lucca and beyond from the top and for a small fee you can climb up.

The Guinigi tower  is not nearly as high as the one I climbed in Bologna and the stairs are much easier to climb. The view from the top is excellent.

Guinigi tower

The tower has holm oaks (a symbol of renewal) growing on the top. It looks most impressive. It is visible from the wall surrounding Lucca and sometimes little glimpses appear between buildings when you are wandering around the streets.

looking up

the steps are wide and even

The steps are easy to climb for most of the way up. Just before the top there is a very narrow set of steps, but it is not too bad and you can see your goal from there.

my friend on the way up

old scenes from Lucca on the way up

it appears to be handpainted silk

I would like to know more about them

the trees on top

looking out over Lucca

more towers

San Frediano and campanile

looking into the anfiteatro

Lucca rooftops

lovely Lucca

Then it is back down the stairs.

back to the bottom

This tower is easy to climb and the views from the top make the effort worthwhile. Lucca is lovely from every angle. Just look for the tower with the trees on top.

Click here to see the climb to the top of the tower in Bologna.


  1. Wonderful view. Lucky you.

    • When are you coming over to climb it?

  2. This is stunning. I had no idea there were so many, or why. I would love to have a tower of my own, but alas, it ain’t gonna happen. So these will have to do. Thank you!

    • I would love to put a turret on top of our Vergemoli house, but that ain’t gonna happen either.

  3. beautiful!!!!!!!

  4. Beautiful photos as usual, Debra, and glad to hear that the climbing of the stairs is not that bad. I may even try!!!!
    For those interested in history, this link to a dissertation on the Guinigi family may be helpful:

    • Thanks for the link. You should try the tower. There is one bit where it is a bit narrow, and watch your head, but you will be OK.

  5. Nobody can take a bad shot of those Italian rooftops, can they? Thanks for the tip – I’ll be climbing something in Lucca asap.

    • You can climb the clocktower in Via Filungo as well. Happy climbing.

  6. Loved that climb! Lucca is a dream. Visitors should ask about the local women weaving in a room to the left as you enter the building. They are not there every day but you might be lucky. It is lovely.

    • I’ll check out the weaving room next time. Nice photo of you.

  7. Oh boy do I want to visit Lucca. I have been to many places in Italy but never Lucca even though it has been on my list like forever……… day hopfully.

    • Lucca is a beautiful city, you will love it.

  8. Awesome view of the rooftops Debra 🙂

    • I should have climbed it years ago, but I don’t really like steps.

  9. What an imposing tower! Whilst I love Australia I do enjoy visiting countries with these centuries old buildings and wondering what may have happened in them!

    • I love Australia too, but I love visiting other places.

  10. Wow, I’m definitely adding Lucca to my list of Italian cities to visit 🙂

    • You will love Lucca, there is so much to see and do there.

  11. Great fun to see Lucca from a different perspective. I agree with you, it is a gorgeous town. Are there others with the walls still so intact? I don’t know. Complimenti on your climb…

    • I think Lucca is the only town where the walls are completely intact. The wall is very impressive, I walk there when ever I can.

  12. Beautiful shot!! amazing and extremely creative and original! love them!

    • Thanks Mirella, as Richard said, it is hard to take a bad shot of Italian rooftops.

  13. Will be staying in Lucca in early October for five days and will for sure be climbing the tower to see the lovely view! I can hardly wait!!

  14. I enjoyed meeting you in Lucca. I missed out on the tower so thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.

    • It was nice to meet you too. You will have to climb the tower next time.

  15. Good to see Lucca getting some great press. Will definately climb the Tower in late September.

    • Lucca is a gorgeous city. I hope you have a great time there. Late September is a good time to go. Look for Paris Boheme for lunch – or dinner and say hello to Luis and David.

  16. After being to Italy a few times we finally made it to Lucca on our last trip. We fell in love and plan an extended visit there in a few years. We really enjoyed peering down onto the roof terraces and gardens from the top of the tower. Great pictures Debra!

    • Lucca is one of my favourite cities in Italy.

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