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New Year’s Day – Queensland style

Burleigh Heads with Surfers Paradise in the distance

While our cousins in the Northern Hemisphere are having a cold, freezing or possibly snowy New Year, we in Queensland are (mostly) having beautiful balmy days with blue skies. Here is a great way to enjoy the day.

Don't you just want to dive in ?

Surfers enjoying the sunshine and waves

We had a stunning lunch at Oskars on the Beach at Burleigh Heads, one of the many beaches on our Gold Coast strip.

The view from Oskars


Good enough to eat


prawns with coconut - Queensland Style


salt and pepper squid with Asian salad

the perfect end to a wonderful meal



  1. I remember having a New Year’s Dinner at Oskars with you……Lovely. Enjoy the summer.

    • Thankyou

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  2. The wind is howling here and it’s been a cold day so I am extremely envious when I look at the lovely images of Queensland beaches. Every good wish for 2012.

    • It was a beautiful day – so far our summer has been very mild but no doubt it will get hot & humid

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  3. Looks like an amazing meal in a stunning setting!

    • Yes it was pretty good

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  4. Beautiful one day, perfect the next. Happy 2012!

    • Absolutely & you too

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  5. Good word, you are everywhere!

  6. Oh, I miss the beach alright! The snow was wonderful this morning, but I’m a beach lady. Great pics and lovely lunch.

    • Oh I don’t know the snow is pretty awesome too

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  7. Beautiful pictures and the food looks delicious too!

    • Yes ….. All good

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  8. Oh cough, cough, spit, spit. (trying not to use bad words) bugger! (oops one got out) .. ah well I miss the beach! it is not easy for a beach girl from NZ to live out in the midwest on the prairies you know.. c

    • Having grown up at the Gold Coast at lovely Main Beach, I need to get back there on a regular basis.

    • Oh you poor thing but I’m sure there compensations !!

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  9. You really made me homesick, Liz. I have very many fond memories of my life on the Gold Coast.
    We are currently in San Francisco, where the weather is cool, but glorious. A bit of fog this morning, but it was clear by lunchtime.

    • It’s a pretty good place to be but San Fran is very lovely too

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  10. Looks lovely! This was my first warm new year’s eve here in Delhi, and although it was nice not having to wear 15 layers just to go outside, it was a very strange feeling bringing in 2012 amongst palm trees and parrots!

    • There is nothing like a parrot and a palm tree to make you happy!

    • A change is always good

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  11. Happy New Year to you both! Am looking forward to another fun year of “travelling” with you. 🙂

    • You too – thankyou

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  12. Looks like a perfect Queensland day! Wonderful photos, I miss swimming in the ocean and feeling the sand on my toes.

    • It’s pretty darn good isn’t it?

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  13. Oskars looks like the place to be- great looking food and fabulous view. A perfect way to welcome the New Year

  14. A toast to the new year!!

    • Hope it’s a good one

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  15. Wow, I am so envious. It looks absolutely wonderful. I’m back now to a thin coating of snow. No more Arizona sunshine and warmth (well it is actually sunny here). Thanks for making me want to be on the beach! 🙂

    • The beach is great – & it was a beautiful day

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  16. This time of year when is dark and cold in this side of the globe, I just dream about beaches and lovely weather… But winter can be nice too. If we would just get a bit of snow.

    • It’s wonderful to have seasons. Hope you have snow soon

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  17. Great start to the new year Liz. ( especially after the start to 2011) Oskars is in my ‘top ten’ also and especially their coconut prawns, and the world class view. Warmest wishes to you and Deb for great blogging 2012. Read everyword every blog. Thank you.
    Dianne Cant

    • Thank you Di – yes let’s hope for a good 2012 – I can sure do with a good year. All the best to you too

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  18. Thought I saw our neighbour Ron in one of those photos – so out of therapy!!! Much love from us.

    • Really? Poor Ron he’ll never get over it !!

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  19. Regards from rainy and sleet Finland. Okay more cold and snow is coming soon. I sighed deeply when I saw those beach photos. They are gorgeous.

    • I still love the snow cos we don’t get it

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