Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 19, 2011

Here comes the sun

We recently had a couple of days at Main Beach. The weather wasn’t much good for swimming. It was a bit cold and very windy.
I got up early anyway for my usual walk along the beach and was rewarded with a very beautiful sunrise.




We don’t go to Main Beach often enough. I love the surf and it is one of the things I really miss when I am in Italy.

For more on marvellous Main Beach click here and here.


  1. Love the photo of the life guard box. Love Main Beach too with many fond memories!

    • It is a very special part of the world. I must go there more often.

  2. The photo with the course grass on the sand conjures memories – I can feel the cold sand under my feet. Love Main Beach! Nifta

    • There could be no better place to grow up than Main Beach. Thanks Mum and Dad.

  3. Beautiful Pics. I grew up by the beach–Bay Area, California. I miss it very much. Dumb question–why is it called Main Beach?

    • I have no idea. We went to live there in 1957 before the Gold Coast was developed much. There was a rickety old bridge linking Southport to the beach and a cluster of cottages. Perhaps it was the principal beach for the town of Southport. Is there anyone out there who knows why it is called Main Beach?

      • Hmmm? Maybe Main beach was down the road from Minor Beach??? Boooo, I know, bad joke!

      • I need to find out if there was a reason the beach was called Main Beach.

      • I could vaguely remember that the name had something to do with one of the early pioneers. It was named by Johan Meyers in the 1880’s when he subdivided his state. More information here:

      • That’s a great article on the Gold Coast. I love the photo of Cavill Ave with the 2 boys.

  4. Beautiful photos, Deb. George Harrison is playing in my head as I look at them.. 🙂

    • That seems very appropriate. I always hear the song by Donovan called Sunshine Superman. I remember lying on the beach, frying in coconut oil, with this song blaring out on the loud speakers – wonderful.

  5. What a serene, blissful, beautiful Sunrise… no wonder you miss it. Just one enchanting beach.

    • It is a beautiful beach and sunrise was spectacular.

  6. Nothing beats the sand and the sea in Main Beach! I’m glad the beach is still as unspoilt as it was during the 1950s, along with the marvellous memories of playing in the sand with cousins and body-boardng in the surf. Like Nifta, I love the sensation of wet sand between my toes and the tingling shock of foaming waves. Sunrises on Main Beach are magnificent Thanks for the memories, Deb!

    • No problem. I have lovely memories of our times at the beach.

  7. Good shots Debra.
    I like the most the one of the sand with the sea at the back… and the one of the lifesavers -me thinks it is- little ‘nest’.

    • Thanks, I think the nest is cute too.

  8. You’re right, Deb, that really is a beautiful beach! I remember your recommending your previous posts when I did my Vietnam beach post.

    • I will always love Main Beach.

  9. Lovely photos of a beautiful sunrise.

  10. Fabulous photos of a stunning beach. We have the sunsets, so it’s great to see such a beautiful sunrise. You must have been walking very early!

    • My favourite time on the beach is very early before there are too many people about.

  11. Beautiful!

  12. We also lived for a couple of years in Main Beach, near the Yacht Club, when our girls were very young. An ideal place for the family. Beautiful photos!

    • It is great to live close to the beach, we loved it when we were kids.

  13. beautiful sunrise, love the beach.

    • I think it is the best time to be at the beach.

  14. That golden light is just gorgeous… lovely shots.

    • It is a lovely time to be at the beach.

  15. Fabulous photos Deb. It’s not hard to understand why our ancient ancestors thought there was a sun god and worshipped the sun – sans coconut oil!

    • I still love the smell of coconut oil. It says beach to me.

  16. Wow. Beautiful photos.

  17. How lovely! I can’t remember the last time I walked on a beach in the early morning hours to catch one. Thanks for the virtual sunrise 🙂

    • Main Beach is a great spot for an early beach walk.

  18. Beautiful. There is something so energising about watching the sun rise over the water. I never tire of it.

    • I love early morning at the beach – and you don’t get sunburnt.

  19. Wow – what gorgeous photos! I sure wish I had your gift with photography.

    • Thank you, I just point and shoot. My Canon G11 helps.

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