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Bologna by night

I will be leaving soon for Italy.  I can’t wait to get back to beautiful Bagni di Lucca. Once I have settled in I will be visiting my favourite spots as well as revisiting old favourites. Bologna is an easy trip from home so there is bound to be al least one visit to this fabulous city.

I love wandering around cities in the half light before it becomes dark. I love the colour of the sky at that time. Bologna takes on another look altogether at this time. The buildings look even more beautiful. See what you think.

looking up at the 2 towers


14th century building

a beautiful portico

a more elaborate one

coming into Piazza Nettuno

Nettuno - Neptune

Piazza Maggiore


Gregory XIII looks over Piazza Maggiore



Asinelli tower

an excellent spot for an aperitivo


I can see myself sitting here

Neptune a bit later

casting a shadow

between the towers

from my hotel window


Take a look in the Bologna categoryfor lots more on this amazing city.


  1. A beautiful City I particularely like Neptune. So do you from the look of it !

  2. Nice shots! What other parts of Italy will you be visiting?


    • I will be in Italy for 2 months, staying at our house in Bagni di Lucca. Apart from fairly local stuff, Lucca, Florence, the coast etc I will be going to Naples and Sorrento, Bolonga and porbably Venice and a few palces around Venice. I am going to a wine festival in Montalcino and anything else that takes my interest. Sign up for the blog and come along for the ride.

      • Will definitely subscribe. I heard Naples has the best food, so hopefully you get to tell us if it’s really true lol

        Hope you have lots of fun!


      • I will most definitely be trying the food in Naples and will report. Thanks for signing up.

  3. I swear, I have got to get to Italy. Soon! I want to go so badly, it’s killing me. How challenging is it to get a job teaching English? My background is in teaching college writing.

    • I don’t think that is very difficult. In Australia there is a course to teach English as a foreign language. I’m sure there would be the same thing in America. There are certainly lots of langage schools in Italy. English is taught in schools but that is not generally enough, so further studies are needed to become fluent.

  4. Thanks for reminding me about the wonderful evenings I had strolling the streets of Bologna, what visual delights around every corner!

    • Bologna is fascinating. I fell in love with it on my first visit and it gets better every time I go.

  5. Evening has a certain magic in these photos… 🙂

    • Bologna is beautiful at night.

  6. I just sighed a dramatic sigh of longing and wishfulness…..

    • Bologna is not really on the tourist trail, but it should be.

  7. These are lovely-how do u get there from Bagni? Hope to finally meet you-I’m coming Oct
    19-25 to our Crasciana apartment-I will yell up to you from the corner!!! Ha Melonie

    • You can take to train from Florence or drive to Pracchia and take the local train, changing in Poretta.

  8. Bologna certainly looks beautiful at this time of night.
    I look forward to following your travels. Buon viaggio

    • Grazie! There are some new developments in the village. I can’t wait to get there and catch up wit everyone.

  9. Hi Deb,

    Lucky you. Looking forward to some more photos of beautiful Bagni Di Lucca and surrounds. Hope you post some photos of your new house. If you happen to see Nila another photo of her would be great.

    Cheers Judy

    • I will most definitley be going up to the house. Rosi and Adriano will be away when I get to BdL, but they will be back before I leave and I will get some photos.

  10. Stunning, magical, romantic Bologna. The night with the moon created some of the best photos I’ve ever seen.

    • I had the best time wandering around Bologna at night. There is something special about that half light.

  11. dear deb, mi raccomando! 🙂 continua ad inviarci durante le tue vacanze tutti gli info e le fantastiche foto di bellezze dai vari paesaggi italiani e dalla citta’ grandiosa aka Bologna! stranamente non ci sono mai stata a Bologna, anche se gli anni ’80 e ’90 tanti amici miei ellenici (patrasini) studiavano all’ Uni.d.Bo. ingegneria civile! auguri di cuore per uno straordinario splendido splendente viaggio!! wish you all the best my dear and we thank you for all your lovely photos and chronicles!ciaoooo!!

    • Grazie. I look forward to being back in Italy to collect some more stories and photos.

    • Grazie! You must go to Bologna.

  12. Beautiful Bologna! We love this city and go there as often as we can from Bagni di Lucca. It is a great day trip, but worth staying overnight as the city is beautiful at that time.
    Something not to be missed as from late November are the Christmas markets. Here is some comprehensive information about them:
    The porticos come alive with lights and beautiful ornaments.

    • I will definitley go to Bologna for the Christmas markets. Thank for the info. I agree with you, Bologna needs an overnight stay.

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  14. Italian cities, towns, etc. they are so beautiful. First of all I love their sculptures… You can find them everywhere… And you did a wonderful set again, especially the early night (between sunset and darkness) has amazing colours… I loved them. But yes, I should say, Bagni di Lucca, is a very special place… like a dream town. I hope one day I can visit. Thank you, have a nice journey, with my love, nia

    • I hope you do come to visit Bagni di Lucca, especially when I am there.

  15. What a life! Looks amazing…I have never been to Bologna, but it is on my list now! Rene

    • You will love Bologna.

  16. Bologna by night looks lovely, all those historic buildings and statues. I am afraid the philistine in me is especially drawn to the picture of the lovely spot for an apertivo!

    • I thought it looked very appealing.

  17. The sky is such a lovely deep dark blue in the pics! 🙂

  18. Will be in Bologna in 1-1/2 weeks!! Can hardly wait to experience bologna at night! It looks beautiful :). Then on to Lucca! We can hardly sleep at night, so excited to see it all. Thanks for your lovely pictures and stories.

    • Wandering with no particular agenda in Italian cities is a lot of fun. Please don’t miss the 2 markets streets. I think they are some of the best in Italy.

  19. I think you’re well aware of the wonderful life you lead. And you take us along to enjoy the ride; it may not be my life but it most certainly puts joy in my heart. I feel I need to transmit that gratitude your way; I know ‘that’ light that you captured and write about; full of magic and promise, very romantic and very special. Thank you for this gift.

    • Thank you for your lovely comments. I do know that i am lucky to be able to do what I love to do – travel.

  20. Beautiful pics, as always, Debra. John and I thoroughly enjoyed our 3 weeks in Italy thanks in large part to your incredible recommendations! You mentioned you will be in Italy for 2 months. Is your Fall/Winter stay in Italy shortened this year?

    • I am going on Saturday and I will be in BdL until early December. I come home for Christmas and I will return to Italy in early February until May. My long stay is usually at the beginning of the year. I am going this time to work on the Vergemoli house. I want to make the curtains and perhaps paint some walls, as well as doing some travelling within Italy. I’m pleased you had a great time in Italy.

  21. This is the perfect time for wandering around taking photographs – or lounging in a cafe while thinking of taking photographs 🙂 Very nice!

    • Cities take on another personality in the evening.

  22. Bologna does look magical at night!

    • It is a fabulous city and sparkles at night.

  23. Love seeing these photos, as I’ll be in Bologna in March – yay!

    • You will have a great time in Bologna. Do the walking tour.

  24. I prefer the light before darkness at night, it’s a magical moment, and as u do, i also like the color of the sky, love that blue… we loved Italy by night. we cant wait to go back next summer.

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