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Breakfast in Finland

Look at those muscles – the result of a hearty breakfast

I have stayed a few times at the Hotel Glo in Helsinki. It is centrally located, has beautiful big rooms and the breakfast is fabulous. Finnish breakfasts are quite substantial, unlike Italian breakfasts which usually consist of coffee and a pastry (not that there is anything wrong with that).

There is always a type of porridge, which I love, especially with some cloudberry or strawberry conserve mixed in.

delicious porridge

There are several types of bread to choose from. I love the rye bread rolls.

yummy breadrolls

rye bread rolls

There is a selection of smoked salmon, herrings, cheese  and other local delights, some of them familiar and some not.

smoked salmon to go with the rye bread

Being a hotel that caters for lots of international travellers, they also serve bacon and eggs etc, but I always try the more traditional Finnish goodies. We have travelled all over Finland and have found a delicious selection of breakfast food everywhere. I’ll be back soon for more.

Take a look at our room at Glo.

the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on

the bathroom

You will not go hungry in Finland. Take a look here for some delicious Lapp food.

On a completey different note, I would like to share a conversation I had today with a youngish girl. She told me of a racist comment she heard and said that she hated ‘derogative’ remarks. I politely corrected her saying the word is ‘derogatory’. She replied “Yes, my mother is always correcting my punctuation as well.” Priceless.


  1. I could live in Helsinki… those lovely bread rolls and the salmon…. Yummy!!!! I do not need much more.

    • I just love those breadrolls and there is some flat rye bread that is absolutely wonderful. The Glo is across the road from Fazer, a fabulous cafe that has the flat rolls filled with salmon, dill, cucumber – I want one now.

  2. It’s always a nice thing trying local foods wherever you go. I remember when I was in Cambodia several weeks ago, one night I really wanted to try local dishes, but all I could find was Italian pasta, KFC, burgers, etc. But I kept looking and finally found a small restaurant which serves Khmer soup. It was worth all the efforts.

    • One of the joys of travelling is trying the local food. Sometimes this is an adventure, and sometimes it is not good, but it must be done. I love the food in Finland where I have eaten some of the best salmon anywhere.

  3. Room looks AMAZING and the breadrolls= YUM! You are so lucky!

    • The rooms at the Glo are great – you should go there.

  4. How funny, Deb. The little girl sounds darling. And the breakfast, incredible!

    • She wasn’t a little girl. She was young – around 25. When you are 58 that seems very young. Have you been to Finland?

  5. I am liking your Breakfast In series. So many different goodies, in different lands, all looking delicious (although I confess I have never tasted vegemite). I have never been to Helsinki, the Hotel Glo looks good if I ever get to go I will check it out.

    • Finland is beautiful – a great place to visit – and you must try vegemite one day.

  6. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Helsinki! Hotel Glo is really nice and they serve great breakfast. I am looking forward for more posts about Finland:)

    • I love Helsinki and have stayed several times at the Glo. I have done lots of posts about Helsinki – take a look in the Helsinki category. I will be back there in late September so there will be more.

  7. I was hungry before I read this and now I am STARVING! 🙂

    • Finland does a good breakfast.

  8. Oh now those rye bread rolls… hmm, might have to try make something like them. Yum.

    • I’m sure you could do it. The flat ones I have eaten on Helsinki are excellent.

  9. I love these posts – it’s always interesting and tantalising to see how other cultures eat. I did laugh at the comment about ‘derogative’ remarks – I listened to a sketch by Ronnie Barker just recently; he does an extraordinarily clever, deadpan presentation about pismromunciation.

    • Eating is such an important part of what we do and it can be marvellous – or not. The girl obviously had no idea what she was saying.

  10. No wonder your bed is comfortable. Is that your Teddy at the footof the bed?

    • He came with the bed. We liked the pillows so much we tracked them down and bought 2 and brought them home to Australia. It was not easy squeezing them into already overloaded suitcases.

  11. i love breads. interesting breakfast. our lebanese breakfast consists of pita bread(whole or white) with labne, white cheese, some vegetables and at the end some jam. this is the healthy breakfast. and there are few that are fatty and sugary. but definitely, you’ll love them. if ever you come and visit lebanon.

    • I love pita bread and labne, so I know I would love breakfast in Lebanon. We have a lot of Lebanese people in Australia and they have brought delicious food with them.

  12. What grain is the porridge, do you know? I love that modern design of the bathroom!

    • I’m not sure what the grain is. I’ll try to find out on my upcoming visit to Helsinki. It tastes great.

  13. […] di Lucca had posted recently on eating breakfast in Finland. While smoked salmon and I are not friends, the picture of the rye bread rolls, remained at the fore […]

  14. never went there but looks good

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