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Breakfast in France

Before you read my typical frivolous post, please take a look at this very beautifully written and very serious post by Kathryn McCullough on her blog – (click on the name) – reinventing the event horizon. The post is called “What bloggers can do to make a difference”. Perhaps you could mention it on your blog too.

Now back to my usual stuff (feeling a bit guilty).

One of the best breakfasts I have had in fabulous France was in Carcassonne. We stayed the night at Block G near the castle. The room was lovely and the breakfast excellent. Take a look at lovely Carcassonne – just click here.

breakfast in Carcassonne

Of course, the expected breakfast is a delightfully buttery, flakey croissant. I love the plain croissants, but I also love almond croissants. The decision is always difficult.

breakfast in France

or should it be the almond croissant?

 I am not mad about the French style of coffee, but nothing can beat their hot chocolate. I almost wish for a cold, bleak morning so I can justify warming up with a hot chocolate.

hot chocolate - yum

I will be back in Paris soon. I’ll make a point of seeking out the very best croissant to share with you.


  1. Relaxing description of a part of the world I will never physically encounter. The images described in sufficient detail a sense of charming isolation. The food narrative and images suggested a brunch, rather than breakfast, but what do I know, except the boring pre-packaged variety. I was hoping for context in the choice of servings, as I am toying with an attempt on just going there: description of the individual servings, as pieces on a game board in time and place.

  2. A croissant and coffee would be the usual breakfast in France I think. Certainly in Italy coffee and a pastry is what most people seem to have.

  3. oh STOP it !!
    I’m on a diet.

    • That sounds very boring.

  4. Love frivolous! Don’t forget to try Pierre Herme when you are in Paris- great croissants and fabulous macarons.

    • Thanks for the tip. I will difinitely go there.

  5. All looks delicious, Deb!

    • I’m sure it is all good for you as well.

  6. That’s why I visit Paris-to eat pastry. Nothing wrong with that at all! 😛

    • I think Paris does the very best pastries. My friend Paul and I spent an entire day just eating pastries – for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That was a good day.

  7. Kathryn’s post is moving. It is a fine effort to help. Thumbs up for her.

    Love food in France!
    Well I love many things in France.
    Pain au chocolat!

    • Pain au chocolat is very fine. I’ll have one for you when I get to Paris.

  8. A good “café-crème” (white coffee) and a croissant. A perfect combination to start the day if you find the place that serves them. You can always opt for the “chocolat”, but if you suffer from caffeine withdrawal early in the morning… nothing can replace your café-crème. By the way, do not ask for “café au lait” (coffee with milk) in France, as it contains too much milk (at least to my taste). Coffee is much nicer in Italy or in certain areas of Spain, but the café-crème is generally fine. There is an old French expression that goes like this: “Donner un mauvais café à quelq’un” which translates as to give someone a dose of poison…

    • Thanks for the tip. I will ask for cafe creme when I am in Paris in October. I prefer the Italian style coffee, but when in Paris…

  9. Oh, thank you, Deb! I so appreciate your mentioning my post! And my friends in Haiti thank you, as well!

    And the breakfast–how incredible delicious looking. I love reading your posts just after I wake up in the morning–now off to eat!!!!!!!

    Thanks again, my friend!


    • No problem, I hope there is more help coming for those people. It would be nice if they had a choice of breakfasts.

  10. Ok…,I’m already salivating. oh…for the love of France. I miss all those fabulous pastries and of course the baguette! Mmmmmm…..

    • I am certainly looking forward to my next visit to France soon.

  11. Have fun in Paris and I am keen to hear where you find the best croissant.
    On a different note about bloggers making a difference you may be interested to know that after the comment you left on my blog a few weeks ago when you mentioned sponsoring children in the third world that I signed up to sponsor a girl in Africa. It was something that was on my mind as I had a few weeks previously listened to a Irish TV presenter talk about the subject. Your comment felt like a sign so I signed up on line the following day and have now received detail of ‘my child’. Thanks for leaving that comment; it certainly made me think that when we say or write something we never quite know how it will ripple out.

    • What a great thing to do. The little girl we sponsor in India is now a teenager and the one in Africa is almost there. You will love being a sponsor. There are reports occasionally and is is nice to think we can help in a very small way.

  12. Ah French breakfasts, I have the same problem too Debra, plain or almond croissant. They are both so de lish, I’ll have one of each, thank you very much! Have to admit though I do love their coffee and it would be a cafe creme for me, hot chocolate just a little to rich. Lucky you planning a trip to Paris, what month are you going to be there?

    • I will be in Paris for the first week of October, on my way to Bagni di Lucca for 2 months. I will do some croissant research.

  13. We had croissant when we were in Paris, so flaky and buttery, i love it. I’m gonna have a croissant today. yummiiiiii

    • I will be in Paris again soon and will be researching croissants.

  14. Looks yum! I loved the breads in France, especially the smaller towns where the boulangeries are just really good with their breads.

    I wrote my own food experience in western Europe. Hope it doesn’t make you too hungry!

    • I too, love the boulangeries in France. I read your food experiences and I now I am hungry.

  15. I loved it, seems so delicious and I miss Italian croissants, how smells so nicely in the morning…. The castle is amazing too. You captured so beautiful photographs. Thank you, with my love, nia

    • We loved Carcassonne and walking through the castle grounds was a lot of fun. A good croissant is a great way to start the day.

  16. I keep watching your pictures of the croissant over and over again and drool over it!
    Nice breakfast!!!!

  17. Oh, I say pick almond! Yes, almond! So delicious…..

    • I am very keen on the almond croissants. I’ll have to alternate when I am in Paris for a week soon.

  18. I am with you – a yummy hot chocolate always hits the spot.

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