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Local is lovely

the sourced grocer

The Sourced Grocer is the name of a new enterprise in Teneriffe, Brisbane, the brainchild of  two young men – Louis Joseph and Jerome Batten. It has  been  open for only 11 weeks. Childhood friends since the age of  four, they have over the years, developed a great interest in food.

Jerome and Louis

Their dream was to have a  business where the grocer knows the customers by name and to thus intergrate with the local community – a modern concept of an old fashioned corner store.  Although this is no ordinary corner store.  Situated in 11 Florence Street, Teneriffe it is a cleverly designed space displaying delicious delights to eat in and take home.

the groceries

fresh bread

the eat in section

They have a “source” of local producers and artisans who supply them with beautiful breads, croissants, organic seasonal fruit and vegetables, honey from Maleny and other tempting goodies.  The cold room is a veritable Alladin’s Cave with cheeses, spreads and fresh herbs.  The produce is competitively priced and of excellent quality.  For instance, they are the only stockists of Gundowring ice cream with tempting flavours such as Rhubarb, Golden Syrup, Coconut and Liquorice just to name a few.

inside the cold room- take your cardigan

take your pick

The olive oil is on tap and one simply fills a bottle at the conveniently placed drum.  I have only seen this at Eataly in Turin.

olive oil on tap

There is an eatery with a communal table serving coffee, delicious pastries and other delectable treats. For breakfast on a fine Brisbane morning I had sardines on toast – beautifully presented – a can of Cuca sardines from Spain served in the can, tomatoes that were like the ones people used to grow and actually tasted like tomatoes, tomato relish and basil leaves served on sourdough toast – heavenly.

yummy sardines with toast and tomato relish

avocado with labne

 There is a also a refrigerated section with a large choice of free range meat, individually wrapped steaks, chicken breasts, small portions of lamb shanks and an array of sausages. In an area of business couples, small households and many people living on their own this is really great.

delicious honey

I love these jars

this chutney is amazing

more great jars

more lovely honey

great pasta

giant cabbage

delicious tomatoes

 And….if all this does not tempt you, they also sell beautiful flowers. 

pretty flowers for sale

Jerome and Louis are doing it all right and deserve success.

ride your bike to the Sourced Grocer


  1. Why do I not live in Italy, I must ask myself. Goodness! The breads look heavenly and tomatoes, divine–what an amazing red–fabulous photo!

    • This is in my home town of Brisbane, Australia. I know those tomatoes look Italian, but we do good stuff here too.

    • And to think it’s in Brisbane

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  2. May they have all the possible success! They are running the kind of grocery I would love to have in may neighbourhood.

    • It is a great place to shop. I hope they do very well.

      • They deserve to

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    • We agree

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  3. Ought, spunky and talented too. Love the food they are sending. Out, simple, fresh and bloody tasty looking. You sure know all the great places to go. 🙂

    • The breakfasts and lunches are absolutely delicious.

      • They certainly are

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    • We are so lucky to have such great food

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  4. Great idea, although basically they are reinventing the old local grocery shop that you find in Europe… with a twist, as they also serve some food on the premises. Their range and quality seems to be very high. Perhaps this will be the new trend, we will forget about supermarkets and go shopping for our groceries every day as many Europeans still do, particularly those who are not working and have lots of free time in their hands. I am sure that they will have a great success. Discerning people, all over the world, are craving for this kind of shopping experience. Good on them!

    • Yes I hope they do well & it doesn’t take that much time ad everything is conveniently arranged

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  5. Wonderful! Wish we had something like this in our area.

    • Yes we are very fortunate

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  6. It IS lovely!!

    • I agree

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  7. San Diego has always been behind the times in the food area. Why can’t we have a great shop like this?

    • Why don’t you start one ? Source the local market gardeners etc ? I guess it would be difficult – hope they do well & thank you for your comment

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  8. Great idea and may they be very successful and inspire numerous copies of their business model!

    • I agree & the atmosphere is great –

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  9. Liz, what a gorgeous post! I’d love that to have your breakfast for my breakfast this morning! 🙂

    Good to see young men (sheesh I sound so old) starting something so heartfelt, I wishi them every success!

    • Yes the breakfast is very goodly – we hope they do well too.

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  10. Local is Lovely, looks very lovely indeed. Your breakfast looks yummy, I love the idea of serving the sardines in the tin.

    • And they taste good too

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  11. They have my favourite honey made by a French man in Tasmania

    • Which one is that?

  12. We found this place one morning while riding our bikes – What a great find! We stocked up on special treats before heading off for a weekend away in the Bunya mountains and ate like kings.
    Brandy marmalade was delicious and the ciabatta is the best.
    Thanks for a great post.

    • Yes it is great – glad you liked it

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  13. Ahhh, I see they have my favorite goats cheese. Prrr. I am going to check them out. It all looks perfect.

    • See you there!!!

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  14. I love this post! My birthday’s coming up and will be making my way down for a special morning breakfast =)

  15. Wonderful blog. Fabulous grocer. Terrific Croque Monsieur.

    • Yes it was wasn’t it?

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  16. At first glance I thought this was a store in Europe somewhere, but in good old AUS??? I tell you, my corner grocery store/deli never looked like that. This is qualityyyyyyy
    Now if all corner grocers did it this way they would still be in business and not be pushed out by the giants like Coles etc. Good on them, stick it to them boys!

    • I will do anything to avoid buying food from Coles and Woollies. I would much rather support a small operation.

  17. Debra what a great find! I like their aim and philosophy and would like one near me too 🙂

    • Yes… It’s great – & the atmosphere is relaxed & happy. Its supported by a varied group – & it’s so close to me –

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  18. i love those kind of “honest simple” groceries, i love to try out new honey flavors. i bought some from Lucca,but i still didnt try them, i want to taste them with some pancakes…….

    • I’m available for pancakes

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  19. Makes me hungry just looking at all the beautiful photos of their food – great presentations. We saw olive oil for sale like that in Scotland, of all places – have never seen it here. I really hope your friends will have great success – it looks like a lot of planning and care has gone into their new business.

    • Yes they deserve to do well – glad you liked it

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  20. It’s places like this that make me want to jump up and down with excitement. I hope it’s really successful for them and if I lived closer I would be there in a heartbeat. Wonderful looking local produce.

    • It seems to be doing very well. It has been as busy as a one armed bill poster in a high wind each time I have been there.

    • It is great ….it makes you want to buy everything

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  21. They are really doing great job! I wanted to be there now… But I should add this too, I loved food shopping in Milano too, it was a great enjoy to shop. Italy is very good about food… Thank you, with my love, nia

    • The food markets in Italy are wonderful. My favourite is Bologna. The 2 market streets in the centre of town are what markets should look like. This little shop in Brisbane is getting it right.

  22. Oh, what a beautiful store. I love the concept. Your pictures are fantastic.

    • Yes it is a great place to meet friends & buy food

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  23. Thanks for this, I sent it straight to my brother who is bemoaning the lack of a good grocer in Brisbane! (from Canberra – but he loves Norton St Grocer on Leichhardt and all the great Italian ones in Haberfield!!) I do hope they have a good deli/salami selection there too!! Thanks again!

    • Good one – this one is exceptional but we also have TheJames Street Market which is expensive but good – I hope he enjoys The Sourced Grocer – it’s nice because you can have a coffee / great pastries or as you saw yummy brekkies . Hope your bro likes it.

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  24. Oh I meant to add – at the Central Market in Adelaide there are very many olive oil/deli places where the fresh oilis available to decant into your own bottle from a large barrel, as you saw in your shop. It’s local in Adelaide, of course, so extremely fresh, and many of the shops sell different strengths and different pressings.

    • I love the Adelaide central markets. We don’t have that here in Brisbane yet, but as Liz said, the James Street marrket is very good. We also like the Powerhouse farmers market which is held on the 2nd and 4th Saturday every month.

  25. Wonderful post! Reminds me….My husband and I are here in Lammari, Italy (near Lucca) where we live 2 months of the year. As an American, I love the novelty of going to the little market with just about everything, just around the corner in this little rural community, walk in and say HI to the owners, who know me very well now. Fresh fresh meats, the incredible just baked crusty bread…so delightful!
    Hope that these two young men are successful! It’s a beatiful place they have created

    • Yes we hope so too – we both have apartments in Bagni di Lucca & Deb will be there soon so how long will you be there? She will be there early October

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  26. Hi Liz

    Your blog looks great.

    We were the Designers of Sourced Grocer. The design was a culmination of research and personal experiences of markets and stores from our travels around the world.

    It’s great to see it has been such a success and used in ways even we imagined weren’t possible.

    The Team at ME

    • We love The Sourced Grocer. The boys are doing a great job there. The space seems to be working very well. I will miss it while I am in Italy. Debra

    • Thank you – I hope they succeed – its a fantastic place

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