Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 20, 2015

My favourite house in Lucca

I am back in Brisbane for a few months to enjoy our subtropical winter. Over the next few months I will go through the many photos I took in Italy, France and Spain this year and tell you about my travels.

Just before I left Italy I stopped in front of my favourite house in Lucca. I pass it each time I drive to Lucca along Via Matteo Civilita.

Villa Ducloz was commissioned by Luigi Ducloz de Piazzoni in 1903 and designed by architect Gaetano Orzali.

Villa Ducloz Lucca


It has a gorgeous sunflower motif at its Art Nouveau heart.


Villa Ducloz Lucca


Villa Ducloz Lucca

Villa Ducloz Lucca

Villa Ducloz Lucca

The gardens surrounding the house are lovely too.

Villa Ducloz Lucca

Villa Ducloz Lucca


Villa Ducloz Lucca

I would love to see inside, but as it appears to be a private house, this seems to be unlikely.

There are many more beautiful Art Nouveau houses around the outside of the Lucca walls. It is well worth a slow walk past to admire them.


  1. Gorgeous! I wouldn’t mind a look inside either — I bet it’s equally spectacular.

    • I think the interior would be lovely. I have see a few Art Nouveau houses and I really like the furniture of the period too.

  2. This is a very beautiful house and I too have taken many photos of it. I do hope that the inside matches the outside and that you get an opportunity one day to pay them a visit. Perhaps you should knock on the door next time you are in Lucca and see if they are home.

    • Wouldn’t it be fun to go inside. I will have to sniff around and see if I can find someone who knows the owners.

  3. I agree. See

    • I remember your post on these lovely houses. It is a pity that many modern designs are not quite as wonderful.

  4. Yes it certainly is lovely. I imagine that inside is just as beautiful. Welcome back

    • It will be nice to be home for a while. Isn’t the weather fabulous?

      • Yes the weather is perfect. We have great winters. I am down in Coffs Harbour but coming home tomorrow

  5. A stunning property. A pleasure to pass it every time we go to Lucca.

    • I always look in that direction as I pass. The traffic is often quite congested, and this gives lots of opportunities. I finally got out of the car to have a really good look.

  6. My favourite too

    • The house is stunning.

  7. I just love looking at them – there are many lovely ones

    • When I go back I will go for a wander and have a close look at some of the others.

  8. I too would love to see inside after seeing the outside.

    • I wonder if the owners have retained the original design inside.

  9. I too would love to see what is inside of this gorgeous looking house.

    • It would be interesting I think.

  10. Gorgeous Debra! I’m looking forward to reading all your future posts on your time in Italy! Can’t wait!

    • We visited a few new (for us) places in Italy and there will be posts soon on Arezzo, Poppi, Cortona and several other places.

      • Looking forward to it! 🙂 I really love reading all about all the beautiful villages you see in Italy.

  11. What an absolutely stunning estate! 😀

    • Isn’t it gorgeous. Now it is beside a busy road, but the high fence and the garden keep it reasonably private.

  12. It is also one of my favourite villas in Lucca and it is great to see that it is very well kept. The interior must be superb!

    • The garden looks lovely. There are some huge trees around the house that may date from when the house was built.

  13. Hi Debra, I’m very impressed with your photos of that beautiful house and it took me right back to admiring the homes from the bus as we drove past. It looks like you managed to enter the garden or how else did you get those fabulous pictures? It’s feezing here in Adelaide so your pictures especially warm my heart and bring back great memories. Thanks Lynne

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    • I didn’t get into the garden, but I did poke my camera inside the fence and gate to get the photos. How I would love to walk in the garden and see inside the house.

  14. Wow – I’d be taking photos of this house too if I was lucky enough to be in Italy. But there are beautiful houses in Australia too though not the same style. Paddington, East Brisbane and Kangaroo Point have some classics.

    • I love old Queenslanders. We lived in one for a time. It was gorgeous, but not all that practical. It was freezing in winter and the layout wasn’t great…now we live in an apartment, much better.

  15. How exquisite. I haven’t seen too much art nouveau in rural Italy. It sounds like they started or followed a fashion in Lucca back in the day. Fascinating. Inside would be amazing I agree.

    • There is a lot around Lucca. There must have been a bit of a surge in development at the time.

  16. That house truly is cool-looking, more so very unique.

    • The house is lovely and quite different from the others.

  17. The house is for sale !

    • How interesting. I hope the person who buys is looks after it.

  18. A fascinating and ornate Art Nouveau style villa with beautiful gardens – Architettura Liberty.
    Would love to see its magnificence in person.

    • I admire it every time I pass.

  19. I like Art Nouveau buildings in any country or city. Beautiful.

  20. Oh Deb, the garden is so beautiful. So green and well planned it seems. Beautiful photos as always.
    We’ve just moved, and apart from my pots of Lavender, geraniums and maples, I have dirt. I long to get started but so many projects await that my small back yard is on the back burner for a while.

  21. I’m glad the owners have kept its beautiful style, and I’m sure this house has millions of admirers over the years, including me. I would imagine the interior would be just as exquisitel as the exterior.

  22. The house is for sale and you can see the interior at

    • Thank you for the link.

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