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Rome roaming

We usually fly out of Rome and I make a point of not travelling to Rome on the day I fly in case there is a transport strike – sciopero – they happen regularly in Italy.

There is the added benefit that I get a day to wander about in Rome. We always stay at the Hotel Julia, a short walk to the Piazza di Spagna, a very good place to start a Rome day.

the Spanish steps

the scaffolding has finally come off the building at the top of the stairs

 Strolling down Via Babuino I came across this furry Roman.

his name was Marco

2 of Rome’s finest were having a chat nearby.

Roman police having a chat

I always swing by the Pantheon because I love it. Click here to see more on this incredible building. 

part of the fountain in front of the Pantheon

one the other side - with pigeon

 Whenever I am near the Pantheon I stop for a coffee at Caffe Sant Eustachio, supposed to have the best coffee in Rome.

Caffe Sant Eustachio in Piazza Sant Eustachio

The coffee is indeed excellent and it is fun to watch the baristas at work. They take their coffee making very seriously.

a talented barista

 You can’t miss the Vittorio Emanuelle II monument. Take a ride to the top in the lift at the back of the building.

take the lift to the top of the typewriter for great views of Rome

 Or walk to the top of Capitoline hill beside the monument.

the always busy steps to Capitoline Hill

Large chunks of Capitoline Hill were destroyed to build the monument to Vittorio EmanuelleII. Tiny pieces of old Rome can still be found at the base of the building.

old fresco at the base of Vittorio Emanuele II

As with any Italian city, wandering aimlessly is fun. Look out for all the little details. 

a wonderful old door

check out the lock on the door

an elaborate building near the Pantheon

an interesting apartment in the evening light

One of our favourite places to eat in Rome is Ristorante alla Rampa. It is under the Spanish Steps.

Ristorante alla Rampa

The speciality here is the antipasto table. For 10 euro you can have a selection of the delicious antipasti. We usually share one as an entree. The food here is consistently good, which is why we keep coming back.

For a bit more on Rome, click here, and here  or look in the Rome category.


  1. Great tips on great spots for good food. ‘Wedding Cake’ has always been the reference I heard for the Vittorio Emanuelle II monumental splendor! Had no idea there was a lift ride! The glorious Pantheon; is it not the most incredible structure, that cool air of serenity that passes over when you enter. Is it true that the water never comes through the dome opening?

    • The floor does occasionally get wet in the Pantheon, but you are so right about the serenity inside that amazing building. Vittorio Emanuele II is known as both the typewriter and the wedding cake.

  2. We always go to Sant Eustachio for coffee and we buy coffee beans to take back home. It is really delicious. The Church of Sant Eustachio, on the opposite side of the square is also worth a visit. I like to stop there and pray for a while, as my grandfather’s Christian name was Eustasio (Eustace in English) and there are not too many churches devoted to that particular saint and martyr. His story is a fascinating one, although we do not know how true it is:

    • I haven’t been into the church opposite the cafe – next time.

  3. Thanks for sharing the restaurant. I love a good antipasti table! As for coffee, I’m a Tazza d’Oro fan, although Sant Eustachio is great too.

    • I will have to try Tazza d’Oro next time I am in Rome – thanks for the tip.

  4. Lucky you; I have never been to Rome, the photos look great. I especially like the one of Marco who appears to be one very stylish dog and looking at him/her brought a smile to my face.

    • I’m sure you would love Rome – there is so much to do there.

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  6. That door is so striking. I can just imagine that on my ‘one day house’ here in Australia.

    • I love all these little details.

  7. The lock ont the old door is great, I love your details. Rome, well Rome is Rome. 😉 I wouldn’t mind spending a bit of a time in that interesting apartment… 🙂

    • I’m usually only in Rome for a day or two at a time. I think I need to spend longer there.

  8. What you are calling the typewriter is what we called “The Wedding Cake” building while we were there. 🙂

    • It has 2 nicknames. I think it is a fabulous building.

  9. What an amazing city! The lock on that old door is incredible, as is that cute little Marco–how fun!

    • He was a very cute little dog and his owner was very pleased that I took his photo.

  10. Have you been to the great immigration museuem that is under the ‘wedding cake’? (Facing the wedding cake you enter from the sidewalk on the right side) And do you know of the great views of the Forum from behind the Capline Hill and the bar just beyond that has great views to the other side. Thanks for all these pics. I am sending them to my friend who will be visiting in September.

    • We went to the museum on our last trip. It is excellent. It makes you realise what brave people were these Italians who sailed off to strange lands to make new homes.

  11. Lovely pics. We visited Sant’Eustachio’s caffe when we were in Rome and we had a delicious coffee,we liked the place a lot and we bought alot of goods. Oh,, we miss Rome.

    • Rome is a lot of fun. I can’t wait to get back there.

  12. Definitely bookmarking this post in case I find myself in Rome again! I remember it being a lot of fun to wander around.

    • Rome is fascinating. I love the fact that you can be walking on a street that Roman emperors walked on.

  13. I love your first pic of the spanish steps! how did you manage to take it without that many people??

    • If you go there very early morning there are very few people there. It is packed in the afternoons.

  14. I enjoyed my 50th birthday atop the Spanish Steps and I think I could see our table from your fabulous photo!

    • That’s a pretty good place to spend your 50th birthday. My 50th birthday was also my first day ever in Bagni di Lucca.

  15. As much as I love the vistas I’m afraid that Marco has won my heart. What a little darling! 😀

    • He was very cute and most keen to be photographed.

  16. Your roamings in Rome bring back some vivid memories of the Spanish Steps in a blaze of colour from Azaleas in full bloom. Thanks for bringing it all back. Italy is my favourite destination and will definitely being seeing more of it.

    • I love Italy too. I will be back there soon.

  17. I don’t know what happens to my internet ramblings – I post and they push off! I love the peonies – absolutely exquisite. I could live in the garden shed in the village of Vergemoli – though I expect I might be a whinging pom in the winter and I really like the posts you do where we go through the day from early morning sunshine on the Spanish steps, late afternoon sun on the apartment and then to dinner at Ristorante Alla Rampa. Oh, and the introduction along the way to the very superior Marco. Where to next BDL – I have my armchair pulled up to the computer. Just a tip – landscape oriented photos fit better as my screen saver than portrait, thank you:) Now, to push this button….

    • I’ll keep the landscape thing in mind. Who knows where next?

  18. i like the people in that country, lol.

    • One of the best things about Italy is the people.

  19. Beautiful! You captured not just the amazing structures but even the interesting faces and day to day activities. Love it!

    • Thanks, Rome is a fun place to wander in.

  20. Great minds do think alike! Lovely photos! I like the little doggies and the coffee shop.

    • There is much to love about Rome.

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