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The very pretty village called Vergemoli

Our stone house is a 10 minute walk from the pretty mountain village of Vergemoli. About 100 people live in the village and it is beautifully maintained. The houses are all painted in great colours and surrounded by lovely gardens. The setting is magnificent. Vergemoli is circled by rugged mountains and the views are spectacular wherever you look. Here are some photos I have collected on my wanderings while visiting to watch the progress on our stone house.

a view from Vergemoli

Spring means everything start to grow. In April and May the gardens in Vergemoli are full of fruit trees and pretty flowers.

brand new cherries

growing like weeds

spring poppy

steep narrow street

a Vergemoli garden

a garden shed

Vergemoli wisteria

a Vergemoli peony

I’ll be planting these at the house


a view across Vergemoli and beyond

the Bar in Vergemoli

a colourful house

an interesting courtyard

an Italian doorway

mountains through the mist

minutes later the mist clears

I met Bella, a very busy Vergemoli mother.

Bella has 11 pups

how does she do it?

one tries to take off

These puppies have probably moved on to their new homes by now. I hope Bella is enjoying a well earned rest.

Take a look in the New house in Vergemoli category to see our pile of rocks grow into a beautiful 3 level stone house. I will be back there soon to work on the inside. Click here to see our handsome builders.


  1. ohoh – look at the expression on Bella’s face.!

    • Poor Bella looked bewildered by the whole experience.

  2. Please can I have the scooter and one of the puppies?
    I love the hill villages in the area they all have such a higgledy piggledy appearance and so many secret beautiful views that you can glimpse between houses and down the little lanes. Then all at once you see the mountains stretching out into the distance. I must put Vergemoli on my list of places to visit and things to see – it is such a long list but how lovely to plan which ones to tick off first. The trouble is it’s not just a case of visiting all these wonderful places once, I want to keep going back time and again.
    We are back for a long weekend in September and I just can’t wait. Then if I can squeeze another week in October before the flights stop for the winter I’l be happy!
    Now you’ve set me dreaming once again…….

    • I’ll be back In BdL in October and November. Perhaps we will meet. I know what you mean about going back to these places often – once is not enough.

      • That would be great. I’ll let you know when I’m there and we could posiible meet for a drink in Bar Italia!

  3. We had a springer spaniel in a past life & it made me want one

    • They are lovely, but you don’t need one.

  4. What a charming place! Goodness! And, Deb, the puppies are so darling! Bella looks like a good mama. Great post!

    • Vergemoli is a beautiful village and the house is going to be amazing when it is finished.

  5. If I had views like that I don’t think I’d ever be able to drag myself away.

    • Our whole area is gorgeous. I do have trouble dragging myself away from my Italian life.

  6. I’m constantly amazed that such interesting homes could be built at high altitudes, as Jan describes in ‘higgedly piggedly’ fashion. After seeing the steps in building your Vergemoli house, I do admire the skills of Angelo and his men and the pride they take in their handiwork. I love the rambling garden shed, the trailing wisteria, the stunning peonies and gorgeous Bella with her pups. I like Bella’s ‘hairdo’ – do you think she looks like a modern mum dog?

    • It has been fascinating watching the house being built and the equipment needed to build on the remote site. I wonder how Bella is going now.

  7. The whole area of the Apuan Alps is beautiful. We always go for lunch and Mass (in that order as it is at 4:00 pm) at the Eremo di Calomini,-18.00,70.0
    The small restaurant offers very simple but delicious fare, particularly the fresh trout and the Hermit’s cake. The two Churches are beautiful and the views are absolutely gorgeous. Not to be missed.

    • We have eaten at the Eremo too. I thought the old restaurant was fun, but the new one has its charms as well.

  8. We should take a few of these cute puppies to watch the house…

    • You have enough animals!

  9. So picturesque! I would like to live anywhere with cherry trees. And poor Bella, she really does look a little weary.. 😉

    • 11 puppies!!! She was a very patient mum.

  10. How lucky you are to be ten minutes away from such a pretty village. The mountain view is beautiful, so peaceful.

    • The house we live in is right in the village of Ponte a Serraglio. The house we are building (for sale) is in Vergemoli. I hope somebody will love it enough to buy it.

  11. Beautiful spot Debra. I think you will find a buyer… I would buy it, if I could… 😉

    • I’m sure we will sell the house. I don’t mind if we get to use it a bit first.

  12. It’s beautiful! Such a hidden oasis!

    • It is a gorgeous village. Are you interested in the house?

  13. I love those old stone door serounds in that courtyard and the old triangular gardenshed, what a ripper. I liked this village a lot when I went to have a look at your house. The road to Vergemoli is very nice and the views to die for. Does that road come to a dead end at the next town or does it go all the way towards the coast?

    • The road from Gallicano goes up to Castelnuovo then through the mountains on to Aulla and down to La Spezia. Another road goes past Vergemoli, but I’m not sure where it goes. I will find out.

  14. I was oohing and ahhing at all the beautiful pictures, but then got to dear Bella. 11 puppies! Now that, is a great effort.

    • I think Bella deserves a medal.

  15. Stunning scenery! And beautiful pups . . .

    • Vergemoli is a beautiful mountain village. I am looking forward to getting back to our growing house.

  16. E propio bella, Bella! Voglio! 🙂

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