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Aschen cafe Jugend – Helsinki

Some friends are going to Helsinki soon and I want to show them this gorgeous cafe we found. We must have walked past this building at 19 Pohjoisesplanadi, the main street leading towards the harbour, dozens of times without looking in.  We went in for the first time when we were in Helsinki in May. It is amazing!

the front door

 The 3 storey building was built in 2 phases between 1815 and 1827 for Russian born merchant Yegor Uschakoffin for residential and commercial use. In 1904 it was renovated by architect Lars Sonck and opened as a bank. The banking hall has 3 naves and vaulted ceilings, making it look a bit like a church. It is now owned by the city of Helsinki and is used as a cafe. You can also enter from the information centre.

3 naves

lovely details

The banking hall’s rich ornamentation, decorative paintings and stone sculpture were designed by Walter Jung.

the beautiful banking hall - now a lovely cafe


beautiful walls

stone sculpture

one of the decorated pillars

I love the staircase


painted by Wilho Sjostrom in 1916


design details

 On the way out we noticed a couple of references to the building’s banking past.

a bag of money

a happy chap counting his money

We walked past again on a fine and sunny Sunday morning and the cafe was full, and tables were spilling out onto the footpath. I would have to sit inside to take in all the lovliness. The coffee and cake we had were good too.

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  1. Very classy, BdL – it’s on my to do list now.

    • I love Helsinki. I’ll be back there in late September.

  2. Beautiful; Iove all the art nouveau influences.

    • Helsinki is full of beautiful art nouveau buildings. I never get tired of looking at them.

  3. That’s a cafe? Wow!

    • It almost seems a waste, but I guess it is good to see it being used.

  4. Wow–how lovely! If I ever make it to Helsinki I will definitely visit.

  5. Beautiful place and great photos… as usual.

  6. I like the design and, of course, the beautiful wood Sjostrom painted.
    Those are cats in the wald, aren’t they?
    Do you have a closer photo? I love cats. 🙂

  7. very cool

  8. The Aschen cafe looks amazing. Great photos again.

    • It is a gorgeous place. I’m looking forward to being there again soon.

  9. Stunning.

    • It is lovley isn’t it?

  10. Wow, what a cafe. Sitting there would certainly enhance the latte.

  11. What a great find! I love the look and ambiance!

    • I can’t believe we missed it for so long.

  12. I love northern decorative style. Thanks for the tip.

    • Helsinki is full of lovely buildings.

  13. Really interesting architecture and decor.

    • Helsinki is full of fabulous design. I love it!

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  15. Nice pictures. I’ve just got back from Helsinki and visited the cafe for my lunch while I was exploring all the Jugendstil buildings round the town centre. It doesn’t look much from the outside but the interior was pretty special.

    • I love Helsinki and visit often. This cafe is beautiful. I was in Helsinki a month ago and the footpath outside was full of people enjoying the sunny weather. I have done a few posts about the beautiful buildings in Helsinki. Look in the Helsinki category.

  16. Wow, these are wonderful photos of that amazing architecture. Beautiful place.Thanks for sharing.

    • Helsinki is full of beautiful buildings. It is a lovely city.

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