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You can stay in a tower in Bologna

Torre Prendiparte

 Torre Prendiparte stands 65 metres tall and is 900 years old. The owner has turned the 12 storey tower into Bed and Breakfast accommodation in the heart of Bologna.

I hope the bathroom is not at the top

The accommodation area is on the 3 lower floors, the ground floor entrance, first floor living room with fireplace and a sleeping loft and kitchen. It is suitable for 2 or 3 people. There is a roof terrace with wonderful views over Bologna and the surrounding countryside.

the front door and first floor window

I haven’t stayed in the building so I can’t tell you what it is like inside, but it looks fascinating.

this must be the bedroom window

 I would love to hear from anyone who has stayed here. Is anyone out there?

Bologna is a great city to walk around. There are about 40 kilometres of portici – covered walkways, making it a good place to be if it is raining. Some of the old portici are very old indeed.

one of the oldest and highest

I wonder who lives up there

There is an arrow left over from an old battle in the ceiling of this portico. You can see it if you look carefully. Unfortunately it doesn’t show up in the photo.

can you see the arrow?

Remember to look up when wandering around Bologna, you never know what you will see.

look up to see faces on a wall

what a great face

head with pigeon

a well worn head

sheeps' heads on a column

look up to see Napoleon on a portico ceiling

a lovely old church

look up into the dome

 Trust me, you will get a stiff neck in Bologna from looking up, but it will be worth it.

Torre Prendiparte – 7 Via Sant’ Alo

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We got this for the post called Beautiful Helsinki


  1. Love, love Bologna. The red brick buildings and especially the tarrazzo (oh it is late and I am not sure if I have spelled it correctly)

    • I love Bologna too. It is one of my favourite places in Italy – I have a lot.

  2. Ahh, I nice trip to Bologna (electronically) to start the day. Thanks. x

    • No problem – I aim to please.

  3. We love Bologna and we go there whenever we can; however, we did not know about the B & B at the Prendiparte Tower. It looks very interesting…. but I do not know whether I could handle all those stairs and the ones at the top look very flimsy. Or perhaps, I am getting old….

    • I think it could be fun to stay there, but it looks like a long way to the top.

  4. Deb, I blew it up, but I still couldn’t see the arrow. Can you please give me a clue which part of the ceiling it’s in? 🙂 Thanks.. xx

    • I think it is in the 5th panel from the left. You can see it quite clearly when you are standing underneath it, but it is bit dark in the photo. I’ll try again when I go back.

  5. Great post with fantastic photos! I love Italy but have not been to Bologna. I especially love the food and wine. Went skiing in Sestriere a number of years ago. Beautiful ski area!

    • Bologna is a great city. Take a look at the markets in 2 earlier posts. I think they are some of the best in Italy.

  6. Imagine staying in that tower! That would be fabulous. (Surely there would have to be a lot of rapunzel jokes happening.)

    • Rapunzel would have had a choice in Bologna.

  7. I have to get to Bologna soon. They have the world’s most important childrens’ book fair there every April.

    • You must. I have a friend with an apartment in the centre of Bologna.

  8. I so look forward to reading your posts – you bring a little bit of Italy to me everytime! I wonder if I would notice these things if I was there .. or whether I’d be too busy wondering when my next gelato hit was ..

    • Gelato is very important, but you do need to allow time to enjoy the rest of Italy.

  9. I have always wonderd if that tower was “a bit on the piss” every time I visited Bologna, or if it was just me not being able to stand straight. It looks as if it is leaning. Would be a great stay there. I am amased that some private person owns this tower. I would have imagined that it would belong to the government as a historical building. Love the photos as unsual. Your blog is my daily medicin to hang out for another 4 years before I can come over to live there. Waiting is sooooo hard.

    • This is not one of the 2 towers right in the centre. There are several. It is possible that this has been owned by the same family all along- who knows? I’m sure the towers at the end of Via Rizzoli are government owned.

  10. Amazing photos, looks like another amazing spot I need to visit. Noooooo…. I’m not jealous. Canberra is great. Haha. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your wonderful journeys.

    • Thanks for your comments. Australia is great, but Italy is very special.

  11. Hi Debra!!! your pictures are gorgeous! it looks like an open museum with all the sculpture on the walls. Thanks for sharing!

    • You are right, Bologna is like a living museum – I love it!

  12. I REALLY want to spend a week in Bologna. Thank you for sharing your photos.

    • My friend has a small apartment in Bologna, which is great if you want to cook some of the delicious food on offer there.

  13. Since I am now re-hooked on Italy, I am seriously considering going to Bologna in March for the Children’s Book Fair. I will have to look up that tower (and your other posts on Bologna!)

    • You should go to Bologna for the Book Fair. It is one of y favourite cities in Italy – much under rated.

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