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The road to Vergemoli – and our stone house

The village of Vergemoli is about 8 kilometres from the main road that goes between Borgo a Mozzano and Castelnuovo. You leave the road at Gallicano and drive the very winding road up the mountain to the village. Once you get used to it the drive is incredibly scenic.

the old aquaduct at Gallicano

The road is a two way road, but it is very narrow in parts, starting at the aquaduct where it is one car at a time.

the road has been carved through the rock

The road winds its way up the mountain with sharp hairpin turns.

a long and winding road

Rosi got a better shot

another one from Rosi’s camera

Bike riders love it. We often hear them roaring up or down, leaning into the corners.

lots of fun on a motorcycle

On the left hand side of the photo above you can see the extra bit on the side of the road where you have to go if you meet another car.

I’ll stick to the car – I want to live

We have yet to encounter the bus that runs between Vergemoli and Gallicano, or one of the trucks delivering materials to our house. That should be interesting.

getting caught behind this could be a bit tiresome

If you can drag your eyes from the road, if you are not driving that is, the views all around are spectacular.

the mountains around Vergemoli

The road to our house from the village involves a hairpin turn when you leave the piazza. I think the drivers of the trucks taking stuff to our site deserve a medal.

a rather large truck leaving the piazza

coming to the turn

around he goes

there is very little room to spare

he made it

a load of bricks is on its way to the house

We can only just get the toyota around this corner in one movement. Those drivers are amazing.

Work continues at the house, but it is plumbing and electical – not really all that photogenic. I can’t wait to get back there to see the progress.

If you haven’t seen our house grow, look in the New house in Vergemoli category for the whole story.

We got this for the post called Beautiful Helsinki – take a look


  1. That road is straight out of a Top Gear challenge, Deb! 🙂

    • It’s not too bad once you get used to it and there are very few cars to contend with.

  2. That road is meant for slowing down. I love the little three-wheel-mobile – I can imagine sitting in that and putting along, eating sausage, singing, laughing and making wonderful Italian gestures out of the window at Jeremy Clarkson behind me – unless of course there’s snow on the road – in which case I’d be a little more serious:)

    • I think you have to eat sausage while driving in an Ape.

      • Ok, I give up, is that your typing or did you really say Ape?

      • An Ape is a three wheel truck. Ape means bee in Italian and the tiny trucks really do sound like buzzing bees. Ape is pronounced ah – pey. Vespa (motor scooter) means wasp, once again because of the sound they make.

  3. 🙂 Very Top Gear.
    What a stunning spot to have a house.

    • Vergemoli is a gorgeous village. I will do a post on it soon.

  4. The roads in the area are very narrow, but the views are fantastic. We go there quite often as we love to visit the old church of the “Eremo di Calomini”… and the restaurant as well, to eat some trout, which is delicious.

    • I’ve been to Eremo di Calomini a couple of times. There is a new restaurant up there now and it is very good.

  5. I love this post! These roads are fantastic! We just encountered similar roads in Elba…and a couple years ago in the Gargano. I love them; my daughter HATES them. She closes her eyes and buries her head and begs us to “arrange for a helicopter” to airlift her out of there. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

    • The view up there certainly makes the drive worthwhile.

  6. Haha so is this where the Italian race car drivers practice? 😛

    • There is no shortage of roads like this in Italy.

  7. What gorgeous scenery-I want to move right in!

    • That can be arranged.

  8. Can’t wait to get my classic motorcycle collection there and ride all those hairpin bends. One bike for ever day of the month hmmmmmmmm. Italy is the only country where you wear your tyres all the way round. Not like in Western Australia where we wear them square.

    • I can’t wait to see your motor bike collection! Perhaps I will even get a ride on one.

  9. Congratulations for the Easyjet award! You deserve it.
    And another nice post about a place I’m not planning to miss next month.

    • Thank you. I hope you have a great time in Italy.

  10. The view, the nature are amazing, I love it. I’m loving the nature of Italy, its awesome…….. wish I can go back whenever I desire, wish things are that easy, to hop on a plane and enjoy the ride…. Great pictures……

    • Thank you. Italy is very beautiful. We are lucky to spend lots of time there.


    • Vergemoli is set in a very beautiful area.

  12. Wonderful post as always! Where exactly is your village in Italy? I’ve only been to Sestriere, Rome, Florence and Venice so haven’t explored too much. I did fall in love with Italy though and love reading your fabulous blog and all the nummy photos!

    • Our village of Bagni di Lucca is 25 kilometres from Lucca (which is between Florence and Pisa). It sits on either side if the Lima river in a valley in the Apuane Alps. Vergemoli, where we are building the house is furter into the Garfagnana towards Castelnuovo.

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