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Regional flavours at South Bank

a great day at Southbank

We had beautiful winter weather this weekend – perfect for the regional food festival that was held at Southbank on Saturday and Sunday. I set off on Saturday morning with a friend to discover the delights on offer.

The stalls were very well set up beside the bougainvillia arbour.

set up early for a fun day

 I think these planter boxes would be excellent for those with a small garden in the city.

planter box

look what you can grow

The next thing that sparked our interest was City Chicks – maybe not what you are thinking.

city chicks

 There were some fine looking chooks showing off their very nice city houses.

a city apartment

a very fine looking bird

Of course there was lots of delicious food to try and to buy.

locally made sausage

fresh vegetables

lovely pineapples

lots of chillies

chilli beetroot relish


chilli pineapple jam


local peanuts


Noosa tomatoes



strawberries, marshmallow and chocolate on skewers - what a good idea

the handsome man from Dello Mano chocolates

fresh limes

limes put to good use

vanilla pods for sale

rosella jam - very Australian

Martin and Alistair - 2 of Australia's finest chefs having fun

As well as stalls showing and selling food there were demonstrations on various things in a lovely setting.

an ABC presenter having a chat

a great lecture hall

I love the seats

happy flowers

It was a great day at Southbank. I hope you will all come with me next year. 


  1. I drove past today and had a little look, thanks for showing me more. It looked great.

    • It was fun and getting better every year.

  2. I love the idea of the planter boxes. The French are also masters when it comes to vertical gardening.

    • It is a good idea for people living in small places.

  3. I was driving in to Milton today and listening to Ben O’Donoghue on the radio cooking Sunday lunch at Southbank; I wondered if you had been there – it sounded so good I was sorry I was missing it. I enjoyed your photos. I must make sure we go next year.

    • It’s a date for next year.

  4. PS: so glad you’ve been nominated for the ‘master-blog’ thingy – I love seeing the world over your shoulder.

  5. The rosella jam brought back fond memories of my mother’s home-made rosella jam – really scrumptious on scones, sao biscuits, a fresh slice of bread or on toast! Would rosella jam be more of a ‘Queensland’ food idea than anywhere in Australia? The ‘city chicks’ look like an ingenious invention and the planter boxes – fabulous! I never thought those things would be possible for small spaces, but there you are!

    • I’m not sure about rosella jam, but I do remember our grandmother making it. I love it.

  6. Love the planters and the grassy seats! So creative.

    • I think they are a great idea.

  7. Vodka and lime juice…hmmmm. Cocktails anyone?

    • It looks inviting doesn’t it?

  8. Hi Deb – my daughter was there helping her friend who has a business called Sow n Sow. They designed those pallets which were a great success.

    • I think they are a wonderful idea. I hope they sell lots of them.

  9. What a lovely day that looks!! I will try and get to that next year!! Love the planter boxes!!

    • The business is called Sow n Sow, I just found out from Alison’s comment above. I hope they do well with them.

  10. I was there on Sunday – we cycled from New Farm and made the most of the gorgeous Queensland winter sunshine. It certainly was a great event, ad your photos did the lovely exhibitions justice! Well done.

    • Thanks, it was a fun day. I’ll be back next year.

  11. We were away but maybe next year, I did not even know it was on, thanks for the photos.

    • I don’t know how well advertised it was. We have been before, but this year was the best it has been.

  12. the planter box… I’m going to try one of these for my herbs.
    the tomatoes look delicious indeed!

    • I have tasted the tomatoes and they are excellent.

  13. Southbank is so vibrant and alive in Winter. Those vegetables are so tempting. The hot chicks caught my attention. Nice to see famous people like the Chefs and ABC anchor man. It’s so refreshing to see greens and happy people during winter. In Houston, when it’s winter, everything is brown except the evergreens and the live oaks. YOu even have a pineapple. beautiful post and blog. Thank you.

    • Thank you for the visit and the kind words. We are very lucky with our winter here in Brisbane – l leave Italy for this. Southbank is wonderful. There is an earlier post that shows the beach at Southbank.

  14. sounds like a wonderful day out. I really like the look of those planter boxes…if only my side area got a little more sun.

    • Same here. The space where we could have on of these is in shade most of the time.

  15. So much colour and fun there! Martin and Alistair are a lot of fun!

    • I talked to Martin about your visit to his beautiful place. He had very nice things to say about you.

  16. Looks like a fun day. I wish we had something like this in Perth. I love the grassed milk crates. How clever

    • It was a great day and Southbank is the perfect location for these events.

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