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Beautiful Helsinki

I can’t get enough of Helsinki. I have been incredibly lucky with the weather. It has been fine an sunny almost every time I have been there (except once when there was deep snow, and this was great too). It is such a beautiful city, I could just wander for hours.

the Lutheran church

 I usually start at the Lutheran church in Senate Square.

the strong men at the station

Or the distinctive railway station with the stone men in front.

a sunny day in Helsinki

We were in Helsinki in May and spring was well and truly underway. The parks were full of people enjoying the warm sunny day. The beautiful park between the 2 streets that lead to the harbour is always busy – with good reason.

a puppet show in Esplanadi

 I don’t know the characters dancing  in these pictures, but he had Michael Jackson waiting in the wings.

does anyone know who they are?

We wandered further down towards the harbour.

spring flowers


a pretty fountain

In another part of the city I saw what looked like flags flying between the buildings.

lots of flags

As I got closer the truth was revealed.

washing day

I think it is great fun! How clever to turn something as mundane as washing on a line into a fun talking point in the city.

 Near the drying shirts is a beautiful park with a lovely wooden church.

the white church in the park in Bulevardi

 Helsinki is full of beautiful Art Nouveau buildings.

I love this one

another part of the apartment building

a lovely rooftop

another roof

and another

 I love the details on these buildings.

keeping watch


not friends

a single swallow

it looks like a spine

birds and feathers

a beautiful door

eagles are quite popular

There is a lovely park beside a lake near Finlandia Hall and the National Museum.

the bear in front of the museum

in the park beside Finlandia Hall

a tranquil pool

spring flowers


Back at the station, I just love these stone men.

strong stone man

the top of the clock tower

Here is Jim at the harbour standing in front of some very big ship’s bits.

Jim with a big anchor and propeller

 Click here to see some fabulous Finnish doors and look in the Helsinki category for more on heavenly Helsinki.

This post on beautiful Helsinki has been awarded Blogger of the Month from Easy Jet. Thank you Easy Jet!!! I love Helsinki.



  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful shots of Helsinki. Your architectural photos and your landscapes are wonderful.


  2. OOPS! The HTML didn’t hold. My photoblog is at

    • I had quick look this morning – looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Lovely Deb – makes me want to go there – so many places 

    • Too many to see in one lifetime.

  4. It literally sparkles!

    • It certainly shines in the sun.

  5. We really loved exploring FInland. It feels like it’s not yet discovered in a way too which is unusual 🙂

    • Finland is not well known. I’m doing my bit!

  6. It brings back lovely memories. It is a place I will be visiting from time to time. Thanks for telling us all about this wonderful city. It truly is fantastic!

    • I will be back there in September – can’t wait.

  7. Great photos and description. Helsinki…. here we come….

    • It’s beautiful, you will love it.

  8. Wow, Helsinki looks gorgeous! I am a big fan of Art Nouveau so the architecture seems to be right up my street. Coincidentally I might be going there in September, we’re planning a two-week trip that could potentially take in nearby Saint Petersburg – Russian visas permitting!

    • I will be there in late September. We went to St Petersburg from Helsinki a couple of years ago. I was not all that keen on St Petersburg.

  9. Those are wonderful photos and I love the details of the architecture that you pick out. The washing line is very sweet too. I have no idea who those puppets are, maybe puppetry has its own traditions of story characters or they are from some Finnish folk tale? You make me want to visit Helsinki in the Spring! xx

    • Helsinki is a great place to visit it spring. Apparently the washing is still there.

  10. That looks like the type of place you could just wander around for days and days… I love the washing lines!

    • I have wandered around for days in Helsinki, and I intend to do it again and again. I love the washing flying in the breeze as well.

  11. How lovely Helsinki photos. It is interesting to see how much You have found “new places” to me which I admired thru Your magnificent photos.

    I have huge collection of animals, I mean “art animals” and mainly made from wood, but now You showed to me a new bear, and that I have not seen in my birth town Helsinki. That is photo number 1366.

    I see that You are strolling around with open eyes and You camera captures the interesting items.

    In my blog I have few enjoyable winter photos from Helsinki, but I send to You links.

    Thank You very much for this enjoyable post!

    • The lovely bear sits in front of the museum opposite the big park in Helsinki. The museum is excellent as well. The white bear is on top of a building in the area past the Russian church, near the harbour.

  12. looks beautiful debra. that is how i feel about Florence, Lucca and Sorrento. i have never been to Helsinki. would be great to visit. i loved your spain pictures also. the beautiful parks of Madrid. ciao.

    • Helsinki is a beautiful city to visit – all of Finland is lovely – you should go!

  13. Stumbled on your blog today from Anna’s blog. Very happy to see pics of Helsinki in and out. Very well captured you did bring the crisp attraction in there. I’m from Finland, Jyvaskyla, central Finland never managed to capture Helsinki so beautifully 🙂

    • Hi Ananda, We have been to Jyvaskyla. It is also a beautiful town. We drove all over Finland a couple of years ago and found the whole country to be very pretty. I will be back in September for more. Thank you for looking in, I hope you come back.

  14. A lake? I don’t think there’s a lake anywhere near Finlandia hall..

    • Hello anonymous, how are you? The caption actually said ” the park beside Finlandia Hall” I didn’t mention lake, but there is actually quite a large body of water beside Finlandia Hall. It may be an inlet from the sea, or a river, but it does look a bit like a lake.

      • The text mentioned a lake. That large body of water is Töölönlahti (“Töölö Bay”) and anyone stupid enough to drink the water will find it salty.

      • I had another look anonymous and there was the word lake mentioned. I did not, however, suggest any body should drink the water. Thank you for alerting me to the fact that it is Toolo Bay. I’m not really sure I like your tone of voice.

      • Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply anything. Going for brevity here.

      • No problem. I am not from Helsinki. I am a visitor who loves the city very much. I don’t know a lot about the city, but I do appreciate its beauty.

  15. What a beautiful looking city. Your blog certainly makes me want to make sure my passport is up to date.

    • Helsinki is gorgeous. You will love it.

  16. Looks a lot different than when I went in winter. Lovely photos!

    • Helsinki is gorgeous in spring. You will have to go back.

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