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The roof goes on the Vergemoli house

We have had a dream run with the Vergemoli house. Our pile of rocks has turned into a beautiful stone house. The roof is going on right now. My lovely friend Rosi has been up to the site to take some photos.

the stone work is almost finished

 The three floors of the house are complete and the roof is going on. It looks like another perfect day at the building site.

at work on the roof

I think the builders have done a wonderful job. Work started on time and there have been very few days lost becasue of rain. We have been very lucky.

look at those beams

The beams look enormous. I would have loved to see them being put in place.

it is all coming together

I imagine that the large beams will be visible on the ceiling. I certainly hope so.

soon it will be finished

The work is being completed right now. Rosi will be there soon to photograph the completed house. Once these builders have finished their work, the next group will come in to do the windows and doors.

I can’t wait to get back there in October to see our new house. Thank you to everybody for a great job.


  1. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! Looks like it grew out of the mountain.

    • The rocks to build the house were all taken out of the hillside, so it kind of did grow out of the mountain.

  2. It is looking great. The combination stone-timber is always a winner. And easy to maintain too!!!!

    • I can’t wait to see the finished house. Then we can start on the outside. I want to plant all sort of wonderful things. There are already a few fruit trees and olive trees there.

  3. Oh, that is so exciting to see the roof going up – hope the weather stays good so that all the work can be finished on time.

    • The weather is usually good at this time of the year, so we should get there without incident.

  4. Wow, this is so exciting. I love watching something being built.
    PS. Could the builders take their shirts off next time. 😉

  5. Don’t be greedy, you have already seen them shirtless.

  6. They took the beams up with 20 guys a time. Enormously heavy! The ceiling is sooo beautiful from the inside, all beams visible. Really authenic Tuscan. While taking the photo I imagine how fantastic it would be to live there.

    • That is incredible. Where did the 20 men come from?

  7. It looks amazing already, I can’t imagine how great it will be when it’s finished – you must be so excited!

    • I am really excited to see the roof go on. I just wish I was there.

  8. Looks great! So much has been done vy those muscelly builders in the few weeks since we were there!

    • It’s coming along nicely isn’t it?

  9. It looks so beautiful-what a fun project! What kind of wood are the beams made out of?

    • The wood over the windows is chestnut. That would be the traditional wood used for the beams in our area.

  10. beautiful looking home. stone is my favorite. congrats

    • It’s looking great. It is going to be hard ot part with it. I think I need to spend some time there before it goes.

  11. How fabulous! I would love to see it some day. I am so happy for you that it is going so smoothly.

    • You can come when you are back in October. I will be there.

  12. Absolutely beautiful! You must be so excited!

    • We are very excited to see the roof go on. When I go back in October the exterior wil be all finished and we will start on the inside.

  13. Looks like it will be a beautiful building when it’s all done!

    • We certainly hope so. The setting is absolutely beautiful. It sits in the sun all day and has gorgeous views over the surrounding mountains.

  14. wOW, So exciting to watch as the gorgeous little building comes together. It is going to be a stunner. Stonework is lovely, it really makes you think home. Glad everything is coming together a treat. PS: Its location sounds perfect, oh how I wish I could visit.

    • You should come to visit me in lovely Italy one day.

  15. Such beautiful timber – I’m glad they will be exposed inside – I just love that.

    • Rosi will take some photos as soon as this bit is finished.

  16. Exposed inside will look beautiful. Will there be a fire place?
    You know through all your blog readers I’m sure you could keep it for a holiday rental. Bagni di Lucca and Beyond’s Holiday Cottage. I would stay in a heart beat.

    • There will be a wood stove type heater which will connect with the central heating and solar panels on the roof as well. There will be under floor heating on the ground floor. We will furnish the house (that will be fun) and have it ready to rent as it may not sell immediately. I can’t wait to stay there myself.

  17. How exciting to see such progress, Looks wonderful. Can understand that you can’t wait to return to start the decorating touches and garden. What a find for someone looking to buy in Italy.

    • I think it is going to be beautiful. I can’t wait to do the inside.

  18. What a spectacular looking home! I adore the look of stone (especially teamed with wood) – it looks like the perfect escape!

    • I somebody loves it enough to buy it when it is finished.

  19. I can say these guys have progressed since I was there about 4 weeks ago Debra. And those guys don’t look near as sexy as you made out hahaha. I love the house and the spot when I saw it, but my god you need a 4×4 and GPS to get to it. Never the less its a great get away I reacon and very peacefull. I even drank water from your spring there its very sweet cold water.

    • You don’t really need a GPS. It is an 8 minute walk from the village and there is only one road, so you can’t get lost. The road will be improved so that a regular car can reach the house by the time we have finished. I think the builders are extremely good looking. Maybe they didn’t want to take their shirts off for you. That water runs all year, we are very lucky. I hope you are around when it is finished. We are going to have a party and invite the whole village and the men who built the house.

  20. I can’t believe it is coming together so quickly! 😮

    • We are amazed at the speed of the building process. The doors and windows all have to be individually made. That might slow us up a bit.

  21. I hope I will be there for the partyyyyyyy. Can I bring some sexy ladies in bikinies please?? You will have all your sexy buider guys so only fair….

    • Of course you can bring the girls. What will your wife say?

  22. Just curious … do you dust your beams? If so, how?

    • I can’t get to the top floor yet as there are no steps. I have no idea how you would dust those beams!

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