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Finding stuff for Vergemoli

As you can see from the previous post,our Vergemoli project is coming along very well. Because it is a traditional stone cottage we would like to find some old pieces for the house. We have often passed what looks like a junk yard on the way to Forte dei Marmi. We finally stopped there one Sunday before we had lunch at our favourite restaurant, Il Fortino.

so much great stuff

There is all sorts of great stuff here. Wonderful old terracotta pots, marble sinks, old tiles, garden furniture and so much more. I thought we would be walking out with all manner of things.

I would love one of these on the side of the house

a few of these would look good through the garden

What about a few heads?

2 heads are better than 1

Or a garden seat?

this would look great at Vergemoli

Or some old tiles?

I'm sure we could find a place for these

Perhaps not the skull.

I'm sure somebody would love him

I really loved the old marble sinks. One of these would look great in the kitchen. 

I would love this marble sink

she would look good in the garden

look at all this great stuff

We’ll be needing a weather vane.

a dragon weathwer vane

But I really love the crests, there must be somewhere for one of those.

but which one?

We were studiously ignored by the man who was working there and we could find very few things with prices. We eventually found a price on the marble sink – 1,900 euro. We left.


  1. It would have been nice to know what sort of prices they are practicing in that place. I loved what they had to offer. Totally!

    • There are lots of great things, but much too expensive.

  2. Love the collection of photos

  3. I knew it….the only thing that made my heart beat faster was the marble sink. I love it. I want it. Sigh…..

    • Yes, I really wanted that. I circled it several times, and then I saw the price.

  4. What a lovely selection of “stuff”…don’t you love sorting through all that??? How are the prices there? The price of such articles in France, for example, at least where we’ve looked, is ridiculous!

    • The prices are just silly. That marble sink was 1,900 euro!!!! We priced a weathervane identical to the one we have on our balcony and it was more expensive than ours, which we bought new. As much as I would love some of these things, it is just not going to happen.

  5. great collection…….

  6. Ouch. I hate it when that happens – you find the perfect thing, and then you see the price 🙁

  7. Prices have become outrageously high in these places, and I would include the “Mercatino dell Usato” in Lucca. I have noticed that some French “brocanteurs” are buying there, as well. We were able to find a couple of things at reasonable prices, but you had to sift through a lot of junk with silly pricetags. I can tell you that we had the marble top with grooves for the sink and the counter tops for our little kitchen made to measure in marble for a fraction of the price they are asking for that sink.
    The coats of arms are copies, the ones with the round figures belong to the Medici family (not very much loved in Lucca). The blue and white ovals with children images are copies of the ones found at the “Ospedale degli Innocenti” in Florence. And quite possibly they are asking a fortune for them. Try to have a look at what you can find at the Vintage and Antique Fair in Lucca. Also, they have told me that the one at Arezzo is very good.

    • I bought lots of things at the Lucca market when I was setting up our apartment and we have also bought at theArezzo market. It was enormous. I have since seen those coats of arms in an unpainted form – new – at very reasinable prices. Who buys this stuff??? Anybody can see that the prices are outrageous. It was fun looking anyway.

  8. I love this kind of stuff! It’s fun just too look but I would be bummed if I found that one great piece I wanted and then found out it was way too expensive.

    • It was a bit disappointing, especially as we have driven past for years thinking we must go in.

  9. Perhaps you’d like to come and circle Peter’s shed? There’s lots of very useful, great stuff inside – according to the proprietor. If there’s anything you really want I can help you, I can drive the ute, but I’ve only got one balaclava – and I’d be sure to giggle and wake the girls:)

    • How could I resist such an invitation. I’ll get busy and knit myself a balaclava. How do you drug a chook?

  10. That is a crazy price, you could probably get someone to make one for 1/2 that or less! You are so near Carrara.

    • We could get something new for much less – and we will.

  11. I love that stuff and could spend a whole day in such a place. But the pricing policies are a bit similar to some of the house prices. Some are so way over the top you wonder what planet they come from. I am slowly starting to learn and get used to the way they do things there. Be carefull and do your homework well is now my motto.

    • It would appear they just pull a figure out of the air sometimes. There are bargains to be had if you look around.

  12. Why is it that the one thing you want is THE most expensive thing in the shop. Sigh. Love the painted blocks and I know Mr HG would beg me to buy the skull. Crazy about pirates and skulls he is. Hope you find just what your looking for. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

    • The sink was way out of our price range. Not to worry, we will find what we want.

  13. Well the items on offer are certainly different to what you might find here! 🙂

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