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The volcanic stone door frame goes into our Vergemoli house

The original stone house that we had to demolish had a wonderful stone door frame. When we got permission to rebuild the house, our permits stated that the new house had to be exactly the same dimensions as the original. The windows and doors had to be the same and the stone arched door way had to go back in. No problem, we love the door frame.

It was an exciting milestone for us when the stone arch was built. It is really starting to feel like our house.

the doorway is replaced

it looks as though it has been there for years

I think the builders have done a great job. The rocks have been lying on the ground for a year waiting to be restored to their rightful place.

Jim on top of the second floor

The building has gone up so far without a hitch. The weather has been great. There has been little rain to stop the work going ahead. Let’s hope this continues.

the view from up there

 This will be the view of the pretty village of Vergemoli from the main bedroom and the upstairs sitting room.

Adriano and the builder discuss the next stage

The building looks just right in its setting.

tucked in behind the trees

There will be great views from every room in the house.

a great site for a house


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  1. Of course you’d want to keep a door frame like that!

    • We were very excited to see it go back into the house after seeing it a pile of rocks for some time. It looks great!

  2. Ditto – I agree with Richard! I LOVE that doorframe, it is totally gorgeous. And your VIEWS… oh my word… you are sooo lucky to live there.

    • We are not going to live in the house. It will be for sale when it is finished. It is going to be hard to part with it. I hope weget to spend some time there before it goes. It is going to be fun decorating it.

      • I also hope you get to enjoy it for a while before you sell it, even if it does make it harder for you to part with it. I look forward to seeing how you decorate it inside!

      • The external work should be finished by late summer, then the internal walls will be done. Then I start work on the inside. There will be photos.

  3. The door is like an entryway into some secret paradise – but from the views you get it appears to be fitting. Magnifico… I can’t believe you’re not going to live there however I do agree decorating will be fun.

    • It was always going to be a house to be sold, so we have tried not to become attached to it. We love our apartment at Ponte a Serraglio and like being in the centre of a busy village.

  4. That door is a thing of beauty. The house looks like it’s been standing there forever.
    I’m so happy for you. What satisfaction!

    • So far it is all going very well. We are delighted.

  5. Unbelievable. Grand Designs, anyone?

    • I don’t think we are quite grand enough for that.

  6. It’ really looking good-wish I was the buyer!

    • I hope it goes to somebody who will love it.

  7. Hey Deb, how fast it grows. It looks wonderful and the view is grand.

    • By the time you see it again it will be all finished.

  8. Amazing Looks fantastic

  9. That is one dramatic entrance! Anyone would be mad to want to change it 🙂

  10. Debra it’s looking beautiful! By the time you get back again I would imagine it would be all finished?
    I think if I had a stone door frame like that, I’d never want to leave home…. I would sit by the door, show passing people my door (or there may not be too many passers by up there) eat dinner… by the door. You get the picture.

    • The outside of the house should be finished by August. We need to get it to lock up stage by the end of summer. There will be a little break then before we start on the inside. I want to be there for that. The door is at the back of the house. It used to be the main door, but we have built a bit of a terrace at the front to take advantage of the view, which obviously wasn’t important to the previous owners. There would be no passers by up there, only visitors. The house is a 10 minute walk from the gorgeous village if Vergemoli. You can drive there in a 4 wheel drive, but we are improving the road to make it easier to drive on. We are going to put a wood fired bread oven outside. We have retained some of the old walls of the original house to form the backdrop of the garden. It is going to be fun putting the finishing touches in.

  11. I didn’t realise you were not going to live in the house you are building Debra, it is lovely and the views will be amazing. Having said that I had wondered if you were going to live there what you would do with your apartment, as that is so lovely also. Well now the puzzle is solved. I hope you get so spend some time in the house before a purchaser comes by.

  12. What a lovely house nestled into the countryside, spectacular!

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