Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 26, 2011

Pruning the trees

Each spring the huge plane trees along the road to Lucca and on the walls take turns to get a haircut. You would wonder that they would ever recover, but they do.

pruning time

the cars just carry on

The poor trees look so sad when they are chopped off.

how do they recover from this?

you can see the first signs of growth

The trees in Piazza Napoleone in Lucca were pruned a bit earlier and they are recovering nicely.

Piazza Napoleone

It won’t be too long before they look like this again.

plane trees on the Lucca wall

If you look towards the bottom of the photo you will see 2 people – this will give you an idea of the size of the wall – and the trees.


  1. They are huge!!!! London is full of plane trees too – it’s horrible seeing them being pruned though. I know what you mean. That’s a great photo to show scale! Trees are hard to photograph sometimes aren’t they?

    • I hate to see them chopped down, but they do recover. It takes a couple of years before they look good again. I have better photos of the trees, but that one really shows the size well.

  2. Ha! That looks like the equivalent of a number one on the hair clippers!

    • It’s pretty savage isn’t it?

  3. Wow, thanks for pointing out the size of those trees. I wouldn’t have noticed the people on my phone image otherwise!

    • Those trees are huge and very beautiful. I hate it when they cut them.

  4. They’ve started pruning trees in my suburb & they do look awfully cold & well…. short, just like your tree. That’s one big wall isn’t it, one very big retaining wall.

    • The wall is enormous and the only completely intact wall in Italy. It is 4.2 kilometres around.

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