Posted by: debrakolkka | May 25, 2011

Back home again

We arrived home yesterday after stopovers in Rome and Helsinki. We flew into Australia through glorious blue skies and mountains of white clouds.

cloud mountains

It is always exciting to catch sight of Australia.

the first glimpse of Australia

I don’t know where we crossed the coast, but it must have been somewhere near Cape York.

a northern river

We flew along the east coast of Queensland. There has been lots of rain recently so everything was looking green.

folowing the Queensland coast

The hills behind Brisbane looked great. We flew over the glasshouse mountians and towards Moreton Bay.

the hills behind Brisbane

Soon it was time to fly through the clouds and into Brisbane.

coming down through the clouds


Moreton Bay just before landing

 Brisbane turned on a perfect autumn day for us with warm sun and blue skies. Our neighbour has been looking after our house for us while we have been away and everything looks great. We have a new additon to our courtyard.

our pineapple

Several years ago I planted a pineapple top in a pot and a pineapple has appeared as if by magic.

I look forward to rediscovering lovely Brisbane and catching up with friends.


  1. Welcome home!

    • Thank you. No doubt we will run into each other soon.

  2. Lucky you! What a blue sea!!!!

    • Moreton Bay is lovely and it certainly looked good yesterday.

  3. Glad you arrived sunily 😉
    Nice pinapple, actually prettry handsome.

    • I wonder if will get ripe and be edible.

  4. Wow, great pictures.

  5. Welcome home Deb 🙂

    • Thank you – it is good to be home, although I miss the village already.

  6. Welcome home! Enjoy your friends and family.

    • Thanks Paninigirl. It is good to be home, but I am missing my sfoglia every morning.

  7. Glad you are back home safe and sound. LOVE the pineapple. It will taste so good!

    Speak to you soon.

    • The plant has been there for years and this is the first time we have had a pineapple.

  8. welcome back – i always feel the same when I fly into Brisbane, its a glorious feeling to know that u have returned to your roots. (even though I get itchy feet not long after i return)

    • Thanks. I get itchy feet pretty quickly.

  9. welcome back deb just in time for the cold snap and italian week in brisvagas
    catch up soon

    • The cold snap is good and I will be checking out Italian week.

  10. Ahhh this reminds me of flying into brissie!

    • Brisbane is a great place to live. I am happy to be home for a while.

  11. I am so impressed by that pineapple!

    • So am I. This is what happens when you completely ignore plants.

  12. better hide it from the scrub turkeys!

    • The turkeys can’t get into our courtyard, but the possums can. I wonder if they like pineapple.

  13. Welcome back! And it looks like you have a welcome pineapple too! 🙂

    • Thank you, I have never had a welcome pineapple before.

  14. Hello Deb!!

    Glad to have you home and it was wonderful to bump into you the other day in James St. I enjoyed looking through all your beautiful photos. Hope we bump into each other again very soon.

    Dot xox

    • Hi Dot, I’m home for about 4 months and would love to catch up.

  15. Welcome home Deb and Jim. I have just flown in from New Zealand —another beautiful place to visit. Can’t wait to catch up over coffee at Campos – I know how you tell them their coffee is as good as in Italy


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