Posted by: debrakolkka | May 18, 2011

It’s time to go home

from my balcony towards Bagni Caldi

It is time to leave Bagni di Lucca and go home to Australia. I have been here for almost 4 months. This year the weather has been wonderful since I have been here. There has been little rain and I have been looking at this beautiful blue sky almost every day.

look at that sky

the vilage of Colle at the top of the hill

It is time to go home to Australia. I’m sure you can understand why it is so difficult to drag myself away from Ponte a Serraglio. I will be back in October. I have gathered lots of photos and stories from beautiful Italy and will share  them with you over the next few months until I am back for more.


  1. The view from your balcony is so beautiful. I do understand how difficult it is for you to leave that place. Have a nice and safe trip to Australia.

    • Thank you. I love Australia too, so it is OK to be going to my other home.

  2. It will be hard to tear yourself away…but thanks for all the reports!

    • It is always difficult to leave, but I know Ill be back soon.

  3. Look forward to seeing you soon and having a chat. You will get me even more excited about our trip. We can’t wait to return to Ponte a Serraglio……


    • I’ll be able to fill you in on our lastest adventures in Italy.

  4. It was great meeting you. Have a good and safe trip back home. We shall see you in October.

    • Thank you. It was great to meet you too. I will definitely look out for you in October.

  5. as a new blogger to your site it has been very pleasureable to learn about the wonderful area that u spend part of your year enjoying. I am an intrepid traveller but have not had the pleasure of visiting your part Italy. Brisbane is also my home and consider it a privilege to live in such a beautiful country.

    • You will have to visit Bagni di Lucca sometime. Perhaps we can meet in Brisbane and talk about Italy – my favourite subject.

  6. Have a good journey. I hope I may meet you in Bagni di Lucca one day!

  7. Safe journey home Debra. Look forward to more interesting posts.

    • Thank you. It is hard to leave, but Australia is pretty good too.

    • Thank you. I hope I can make them interesting.

  8. It’ll be great to have you back in Oz, but bet its hard leaving your little piece of paradise. Safe trip Deb.

  9. I loved following your adventures in Europe during the last couple of months. Was quite astonished how you managed to keep posting so regularly during your travels through Spain. Your efforts were much appreciated.

    Have a safe journey home!

    • Thank you. Spain was fun. We went to some great places and I was keen to share them.

  10. Hi Deb, Bagni di Lucca will miss you and I will miss your daily blogs. I hope to be in Bagni in September, hope to see you then. It was nice meeting you and your husband and sharing a meal. Ciao for now,

    • I have lots of photos to post, so hopefully you will keep following.

  11. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful pictures of your second home! I hope some day to visit Italy.

    • I hope you visit Italy too. You have to come to our part of the world.

  12. Safe travels Debra-thank you for sharing your part of the world with me. I arrived back in California and last night and am now relaxing in beautiful Santa Barbara-came directly here from the airport. Keep in touch a and as always thank you for you beautiful scenes and stories Italy and your travels.

    • I’m pleased you arrived home safely. The time went so quickly. See you in October.

  13. We definitely understand why it’s so hard to leave now that we’ve all seen the photos! have a safe trip home!

    • Thank you. It is very difficult to leave, but I will be back soon.

  14. You know, I have been checking your site now and then, since your excursion to Bologna and you made me want to visit Bagni di Lucca. I will be in Italy next month and I might take a side trip over there – I grew up in Italy and never went. Isn’t it funny how, sometimes, foreigners can help you better appreaciate what is under your nose?
    Safe travels!

    • I hope you do call in to Ponte a Serraglio. Have a cappuccino and a sfoglia with Annalisa at Bar Italia or Il Monaco.

  15. Safe trip Debra. I’ll never be able to post with your frequency or such lovely photography but hopefully can keep you just a little bit in touch with Bagni di Lucca over the summer via my blog. I look forward to meeting up with you again on your return in October and in the meantime will try to keep an eye on the geraniums!

    • I will be looking forward to you updates from the village, and thanks for watching out for the geraniums.

  16. Safe journey home. We are so fortunate to know you in both hemispheres. Speak soon.

    • We are very lucky. I’ll call when I get home.

  17. I’m so glad I found you and experienced BdiL threw your eyes and words. Can’t wait to visit in Sept if even only for one night!

    • I hope you go to BdL, but you need more than 1 night to really enjoy it.

  18. I have so enjoyed following your posts and your exquisite pictures. Thank you for sharing your adventures and your wit. My husband and I will be in Tuscany next month and I have many notes of places to visit from suggestions I’ve captured from your blog. Safe travels to you, Debra. We all look forward to keeping in touch from either part of the world you may be in!

    • I hope you have a great time in Tuscany, it is a very beautiful part of the world. I have some post waiting on Volterra and Pienza and a few other bits, plus more on Bologna and other favourites.

  19. See you in Brisbane (or on the Gold Coast) soon, Debra
    Anthony (and Nadya)

  20. What glorious photos Deb, but Brisbane’s putting on a show of lovely Autumn weather just now (except for today when we had some heavy rain showers). The mornings and evenings have been gloriously cool and the days have been blue and bright. Happy landings.

    • I am looking forward to coming home to see my Australian pals.

  21. Debra how did that happen? Nearly 4 months! I thought nah, that can’t be right, then counted…oh, it is. Where did that time go?

    • It seems like yesterday that I was heading off to Italy, now it is time to leave.

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