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Parador de Granada San Francisco – Alhambra

walking into the Parador

This is the lovliest hotel we have ever stayed in. It was once a Moorish palace within the Alhambra and was converted to a Franciscan monastery later on. It also served as a hospital in war time. Now it is a beautiful hotel in an exquisite setting.

gardens at the entrance

the internal courtyard

our beautiful room

the bathroom

the view from our balcony

Beside the reception is the quiet courtyard where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel  chose to be buried when it was still a quiet monastery. Their grandson later moved their bodies to the Royal Chapel.

the burial site of Ferdinand and Isabel

the first graves of Ferdinand and Isabel

Isabel was buried here on December 18 1504 after stating in October that it was her wish to be buried in this modest monastery. On February 6 in 1518 she was joined by Ferdinand. They were moved on November 10, 1521.

There are beautiful quiet places all over the hotel to sit and read or just enjoy this gorgeous place. One of my favourites was the Nazari room. It was a room from the former Arab palace.

the Nazari room

inside this beautiful room

looking out into the courtyard

There are beautiful and interesting art pieces and furniture all over the hotel. It is a delight to wander about the halls and stairways.

in the passage near our room

a lovely old chair

St Francis of Assisi

a portrait of Isabel

The gardens surrounding the hotel are stunning. We spent as much time as we could strolling through the gorgeous spring gardens.

part of the garden of the parador

wandering in the garden

looking up towards our room

Alhambra rose

the outdoor terrace of the restaurant

It is hard to believe that these buildings were in ruins for years. Animals were kept in the derelict rooms of the old palaces.

partially restored ruins

animal were kept in the old rooms

The parador has been beautifully restored and it was an absolute delight to stay there. The staff at the hotel were friendly and helpful and had great local knowledge.  Being inside the Alhambra was wonderful – the perfect base from which to explore this incredible place. Our first explorations will be the subject of tomorrow’s post.

leaving through the courtyard

I hope we can go back one day.


  1. It’s lovely that the Queen chose to be buried in a lovely but modest setting like that 🙂

    • It is a lovely spot to be buried, but her grandson moved the bodies. I hope she came back to haunt him.

  2. Wow ! Love those ruins and am very envious – I have always wanted to stay in paradors. You lucky girl.!

    • This parador was great, and right in the centre of things. The others we stayed in were a bit out of the way – not what I want. I would be very careful about booking a parador next time.

  3. It was certainly a perfect choice for Granada and it is also one of the best “paradores” because of location, atmosphere and beauty. You could not do better than that.

    • It was absolutely wonderful, we loved everything about it.

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  5. I was thinking exactly the same as Lorraine and can imagine being one very ticked-off ghost if I was uprooted. What a beautiful place, fabulous photos and a fascinating glimpse into the past. I very much like Moorish architecture; their courtyards always look as though they were designed for cool, quiet contemplation. You are filling your head with such wonderful images Deb.

    • I love Moorish architecture too. I have a very full head.

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