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Ponte Diavolo is looking gorgeous in spring

I was driving past the Devil’s Bridge the other day and it looked so beautiful I just had to stop and stare for a while.

a perfect day at the bridge

spring at the ponte

an almost perfect reflection

I love this bridge

isn't it lovely

I wonder it was built so high

the other side

beside the bridge

along the river

looking towards Bagni di Lucca from the bridge

from the top

looking towards Borgo a Mozzano

We live in a beautiful part of the world.

Click here to see the bridge in winter and here to find out a bit more about the bridge.


  1. You are such a great photographer. Beautiful shots.

    • Thank you – it is hard to get a bad shot of this bridge.

  2. We went past it yesterday on our way to and back from Assisi and it was looking gorgeous, as always. It is my favourite bridge.
    A bit crowded in Assisi, many people who attended the beatification of John Paul II in Rome had made the trip there, particularly the Poles. I have never seen so many young priests and nuns. Looks as if the Church is not short of vocations in Poland…

    • It always looks amazing – I love it.

  3. It truly is beautiful. I am excited to get to see the bridge next Tuesday when we are out and about in your area.

    • You will love it. I hope you get to stop there. See you soon.

  4. The scenes are amazing, soo beautiful, you’re just lucky to be living in such a place…

    • I know how lucky I am. I never get tired of looking at all the lovely things nearby.

  5. The pictures of the bridge are just amazing. Oh to be there in person just staring at this beautiful site, it must be so relaxing. You will miss it when you return to Australia.

    • I can’t get enough of this part of the river. It is always beautiful, but when the water is still it is amazing.

  6. Nice photos of the bridge. I’m the same as you Debra, can’t help stopping to look at the bridge every so often whilst driving by! By the way, I had to laugh when I saw the first photo – I took an almost identical one – I think it’s compulsory to get a reflective one of the arches!!

    • I’m sure it is compulsory – I ‘m sure anyone who lives nearby has the same photo.

  7. These photos are amazing I visited this area in 2005 and have photos of the bridge, your photos bought back wonderful memories.
    With a little planning I hope to re-visit in 2012. I might not come back !!!!!
    I look forward to your blog everyday Debra.
    Thankyou x

    • I hope you come back in 2012 – it is all here waiting for you. Thank you for the kind blog comments.

  8. lovely photographs! I hope I’ll be there to see it soon.

  9. Ahh it’s that beautiful reflection! Nothing can beat it 🙂

    • You have to be lucky to go by when the water is completely still.

  10. Lovely – more beautiful than anything in this part of Kazakhstan. Is that saying a lot?

  11. What a stunning place! I had no idea. The water is so perfectly still…I imagine that’s not the way it always is…how peaceful, haunting too.

    • It always looks good, but it is special with the reflection.

  12. Sooooo beautiful – thanks for these……….. miss it. We will be back on the 2nd – you still there then?

    • We leave here 18th May, so it looks like we will miss you this time. I’ll be back in October.

  13. Looks really gorgeous! I’m looking foward to meet it next fall.

    • Perhaps I will see you here.

  14. Debra surely all your photos of Bagni di Lucca and it’s surounds have driven up tourism in the area. How could you not want to travel to your corner of the world?

    • I do know of a few people who have come after seeing the photos.

  15. Deb every time we visit our homes in Bagni di Lucca, we try so hard to get the perfect picture of THAT bridge, but this time you have hit perfection big time. They are simply stunning. I know how difficult it is to achieve this (I have tried so much) but you have the prize – stop now you have achieved it. Well done.

    • I can’t stop! I love this bridge. You just have to be lucky to be there when the water is still. I went past last week and it was perfect and I didn’t have my camera.

  16. Deb I may have to stop looking at your blog, every time I do there is a heartfelt longing to be in Bagni. Hope to see soon. Ciao

    • Don’t stop! You will be back soon.

  17. We drove passed the bridge last week and saw that perfect ‘circle of reflection’. The water was absolutely still and the sun was just right – it was exactly like your photo Deb. Beautiful.

    • It fabulous when the conditions are just right.

  18. OMG, this is the most favourite photo so far! You make me so jealous and envy.. 😥 I always dreaming having a small house near mountains and hills, exactly view like above… “God, when will I get there?”

    • You will have to come for a visit.

  19. I know why you like it so much it’s a “very” nice bridge, and the moment was just right. Do you really wonder why it is so high? Isn’t it for boats to get through?

    • I doubt there would have been large boats as the river is very shallow and rocky in parts.

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  23. This is a very nice blog. Thank you for writing it. You also have many great pictures from Bagni di Lucca area. I have just visited this place in June of this year and it is really a very beautiful, quiet area. There are so many wonderful views and I particularly liked Devil’s Bridge you are presenting here and the view from the road to Bagni di Lucca terme.

    • Thank you or your kind comments. Take a look at my other blog, Bella Bagni di Lucca for more posts on The villages.

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