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Parador de Chinchon – Madrid

Paradors are state funded hotels all over Spain, often located in old castles and medieval convents. Parador de Chinchon is set in the Convento de San Augustin and it is very lovely. Those religious types certainly knew how to look after themselves.

To say that this hotel is in Madrid is a bit of a stretch – a 45 kilometre stretch to be precise. It is in the tiny village of Chinchon, which sounds more like a small furry dog than a town. It was reasonably easy to get to, even though the English voice giving us directions through the Tom Tom was coming up with the most ridiculous pronunciations of Spanish towns. We were laughing so much we missed turns. Just as well she also gave road numbers or we would never have arrived.

the entrance to Parador Chinchon

outside our window

the internal courtyard

the internal walkways to the rooms

You can just imagine monks wandering around these halls comtemplating whatever it is they contemplate.

The guide book says that Chinchon is charming and ramshackle. I agree with ramshackle.  It also says that the almost circular Plaza Mayor, which is lined with sagging, tiered balconies is one of the most evocative plazas mayores in Spain – evocative of what? It might look better if they got rid of the cars parked in the square. I think my photos make it look a bit better than it is.

Chinchon's Plaza Mayor

some of the balconies around the square

It won’t take you long to discover the sights of Chinchon.

the old comunal laundry

a typical street

a lovely old courtyard

the village from above

You can see Plaza Mayor, with the parked cars and Parador de Chinchon just to the right of centre at the back.

Chinchon rooftops

more rooftops

16th century Iglesia de la Asuncion

We waited ages for the church to open. Just as we were about to give up somebody shuffled up with a key and we were allowed in. It has a painting by Goya, whose brother was a priest there.

we think this is the Goya above the altar

I was quite taken with 3 sculptures in alcoves.

I think she is lovely

and her

and her

One night at the Parador there was a function in the courtyard below our room. The tables were set with delicious food and there was guitar music playing. I wish we had been invited.

the food looked great

and there was a man cracking nuts

Parador Chinchon is great. The rooms are lovely, the food is excellent and the staff friendly. We were quite happy to be outside Madrid in the quiet countryside, waking up to the sound of birds chirping.

These 2 fellows in glass cases beside the restaurant also looked happy to be there ( and I think they have been there a while).

a lovely face

happy to be in Chinchon


  1. Love the grey shirt with the gathering of fabric below the yoke, he looks like an official nut cracker, what about the wheel, it all looks professional artisanal. Keep spying from above Debra.

    • I would have loved to crash the party, just to see him.

  2. You go to some very interesting places far off the tourist map (or so it seems to me!)

    • Chinchon is a bit out of the way.

  3. Lovely photos! My favourite is “A typical street”. Thanks for taking us along on your trip – even if it is only virtually.

    • It was a cute little village.

  4. I know what you mean about the cars parked in that lovely old town square…, sort of looks out of place doesn’t it. Another lovely stay, thanks for bringing it to us Debra 🙂

    • I think they need a car park outside the centre.

  5. I LOVE that shot through the leaves. These posts give a thrill a minute. Keep on enjoying your trip allowing us the pleasure of it as well. See how great your photos are; didn’t look ramshackle at all. To me.

    • I wanted to be down ther under the leaves.

  6. very nice. george

  7. Very nice and enjoy your gad abouting………looks great!

    • We’ll fill you in on all the details next week.

  8. Just picked up my jaw. Much inward sucking of air, the odd gasp, and lots of Ooooo’s. I think I would like to build a Spanish styled courtyard JUST like that one. Any afternoon siestas I had would be entirely fitting then.

    • The courtyard was very lovely.

  9. Fantastic snaps of the function down in the courtyard below your room. Oh I wish I was invited also. 🙂

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