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Ainsa – a Spanish hilltop village

The guide book said that the medieval village of Ainsa is one of Aragon’s gems, so we went there.

Ainsa from the castle wall – pity about the crane

it sits high on a hill

the castle

The castle and fortifications mostly date from the 1600s. The main tower is from the 11th century.

The huge cobblestoned main square, Plaza Mayor, is surrounded by low stone arcades housing restaurants and a few shops.

the arched walkways beside the square

the restaurant in Plaza Mayor where we had dinner

Iglesia de Santa Maria

Please note the stone bench from where the previous post was done. 

the bells in the tower of the church

The interior of the restored  Romanesque church lights up when you put 1 euro in the box, and as a bonus you get 5 minutes of Gregorian chanting.

inside the church - you will have to imagine the music

part of the Gothic cloister

the crypt

one of the pretty houses

part of the village


the view through the arch

decoration on a pot

close up

his mates

comunal wine press in the arcade

The guide book that recommended the village also suggested staying at  Hotel Los Siete Reyes, so we did. The room was lovely, the service friendly and the breakfast excellent.

the hotel room

the bathroom

decoration in the hotel

The sunset was also recommended, but it was overcast and gloomy, so it didn’t deliver. The next morning the weather had improved and we had an excellent view of the rock bastion of La Pena Montanesa.

the view from the village

a bit later

a pretty good view

If you are passing by consider dropping in to Aragon’s gem.


  1. Consider it, Oh I am doing it! 🙂 I love the hotel room, very classy in a hip modern way. And the wine press is cool too. I love the heritage and history behind Europe… 🙂

    • I’m sure you would love this little place.

  2. Oh wow you’re away! Travelling and taking wonderful pictures – what a glorious trip you’re having.

  3. Beautiful photos and what a lovely town. I would be certain to put my money in the slot in the church – I particularly love Gregorian chanting. The contrast the stone work provides in the hotel room is very seductive and I love the colours in the long wall hanging – I’ve been gazing at the pictures with my ‘gimme gimme’ look. However, most of my little life is viewed through the prism of Monty Python and the Holy Grail – I’m sure John Cleese’s taunting frenchman was modelled on the the little knight on the pot. I just know what that little knight is saying.

  4. Very charming little place.

    Living vicariously through you for the moment… just negotiating my next potential work contract…sigh.

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  6. Looks very lovely villange, and the hotel looks really nice too!

  7. If the Duke of Aragon had won Portia’s hand, would she fall in love with Ainsa? I would imagine so; but then, she may miss the beautiful homes languishing along the canals of Venice. Your photos capture well the medieval history of this village and the lovely misty panorama of the plains and the the mountains. Your hotel room is beautiful, exquisitely decorated. What a delightful stay for you!

    • The room was particularly nice, with a view over the square.

  8. Thank you for the beautiful photos. What a lovely spot.

  9. Deb, when I look at your photos, I often think I’m getting more out of them than I would from actually being there – you seem to notice so much detail and then share it with the rest of us, thank you!

    • I think you are being very kind.

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  12. Hey Debra, We have been checking out your blog and we must say that we are very impressed. It’s really great.

    We have particularly been following your posts about Ainsa as we visited there too. We have even written a guide, which you can check out here: . We would love your feedback on it and any tips, information, advice that you might have would be warmly appreciated.

    Keep up the good work!

    Ania & Jon

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