Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 7, 2021

A day out

Yesterday was the day I expected the cast to come off my leg and I hoped to be more mobile. That is not quite the way it turned out.

I went to the hospital and the cast was cut open, then taped up. I was sent to have an X-ray and then went back to the surgeon with the results. Everything seems to be OK, although the surgeon was a man of few words.

The kind man in charge of my cast cleaned off some of the alligator skin from my scars and put on a new cast. I tried to see the extent of the mess around my ankle, but I could not…maybe just as well.

What I thought was a small screw in my ankle is actually a rod which goes from one side to the other. It needs to come out under anaesthetic, which sounds like the correct plan to me. It has been scheduled for next Wednesday.

I was sent off to buy a boot which will be put on after the rod had been removed. Here it is, not really what I had in mind for my spring wardrobe.

I admit to be bitterly disappointed that I still don’t have my freedom. To cap it off this morning turned out to be yet another lousy day, cold and wet, so it was decided that a day out was necessary.

Pietrasanta is a favourite town of mine and it is not far away. Importantly, it has an accessible car park and it is flat. The centre is pedestrian only, making it easy for a wheelchair. Most of the shops have at least one step, so going inside didn’t happen.
I did like this little garden outside the Mac shop.

Pietrasanta usually has an art installation in the piazza. Today’s was small but impressive.

It was overcast and cool, but at least the rain held off while we were there.

It was nice to be out of the house for a while. Tuscany is still yellow and I hope it stays that way for a while. Soon I should be hobbling around in that lovely boot.


  1. At least it was not a disappointing day! The visit to Pietrasanta was a bonus.
    These things take a longtime to heal. Just be patient.
    And the boot is very smart!

    • If the boot means I can get about then I love it! A day in Pietrasanta is always good. It is amazing how difficult Italy is for the wheelchair bound.

  2. Oh Deb I feel your frustration re the ankle and the next step. You’ve done so well and I hope the boot will be comfortable for the last part of this repair/healing job. I smiled at the Mac boots with pretty flowers growing. Good way to use old boots.

    • In a way the bad weather and lockdown has helped me through this. I would have been stuck at home anyway. I hope the yellow zone lasts and we open up more and more. Warmer weather will come soon too.

  3. A rod all the way through sounds very serious but your boot does look very professional. I had to laugh because I was in the tip recycle shop in the Southern Highlands if NSW recently and they must have had at least 10 ‘moon boots’ as we call them. Nine was anywhere near as glamorous as yours. I’m sure the good weather is on the way. Chin up.

    • I saw the rod though my ankle on the X-ray. Now I understand why it wasn’t taken out on my visit. I will be very happy to have this over with.

  4. Good to hear that the foot has mended well. Let’s hope the weather improves and you will be out and about enjoying your garden and surroundings soon.

    • I am nearly at the end! Walking in the garden will be a lovely reward.

  5. Crikey, you really did a number on that poor ankle. How heavy is that boot? Very best of luck with the rod removal ceremony.

    I loved Pietrasanta, and still look at it on a webcam.

    • Yes, I really messed it up and will have scars to prove it. Pietrasanta is a special place. I go there often. I look forward to being able to actually get into my favourite shops.

  6. Not surprised that the boot comes next, but at least you will be free of the plaster cast. You will be able to get around better. Just keep telling yourself that nothing lasts forever, this too will pass.
    Pietrasanta looks a lovely town. Take care,

    • Not being able to walk has been difficult when there is so much I want to do. The boot will certainly be an improvement. There will be lots more trips to Pietrasanta.

  7. Oh, dear, Debra, what an absolute pain!! All the best with it.

    • I am nearly at the end of this. Being able to get around will be excellent.

  8. I am sorry it wasn’t more positive today. But glad for your outing! And freedom will be your again soon!

    • I was very disappointed, but after seeing the bolt on the X-ray I get it. Not long now and I will get to wear that lovely boot!

  9. Had to smile at your comments & expectations with your visit to have plaster removed. We all go through that thinking it is over but the medical profession always has other odeas & never warns us. But all will be well soon. Moon boots should be listed as a fashion accessory. Your visit to Pietrasanta must have cheered you up & it was interesting reading of your visit. Keep smiling.

    • I hope I can walk after the procedure next week. This is really becoming very tiresome.
      Pietrasanta is a favourite place I like to visit often. It has excellent shops, most of which I could not enter. Dining is all outside right now so we had a very nice lunch despite the crummy weather.

  10. Hi Debra, some interesting sculptures in Pietrasanta, especially the blue pottery vase. It must be good to go out and stretch your legs (so to speak) feel the fresh air and wander around. All those sculptures have intriguing sides to them. Great photos as always. Enjoy your new footwear. It will be good to walk around, albeit slowly at first. Good luck. Enjoy beautiful Italy.

    • Pietrasanta always has wonderful outdoor art to enjoy. It is a beautiful town and I am very happy that it is not far away.

  11. You can’t keep a good gal down! But I feel you’re frustration. Pietrasanta looks beautiful Deb. Pleased you can get around. Take care. I’m sure you’ll have that boot looking ‘fashionable’ in no time at all. Are you still sewing?

    • I hate not being mobile and independent. I hope the boot will give me some freedom.
      I am still sewing. It is really the only thing I can do and I would go nuts without it.

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