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Bagni di Lucca’s new fountain

The park in La Villa has had a bit of a makeover and we have a lovely new fountain.

our brand new fountain

isn't she lovely?


another view


shower time

and again

there is also a childrens' playground

the park has some wonderful old trees

the impianto di irrigazione has been spruced up

it is quite impressive

The park is popular with residents and tourists alike. It offers a cool oasis in the heat of summer and is a great place to sit to have lunch, or just have a quiet moment.

Click here to see the beginnings of the fountain and Bagni di Lucca in autumn.


  1. Great pics, love the close up in the shower, you’ve captured the water spray very well.

    • Thanks, I waited 10 minutes for the water to come up.

  2. We remember well the park, Deb. Yes, it’s a little oasis on a hot day as you say. Great to have a fountain so passers-by can dip their tired feet on humid days or children can have a cool splash. I wonder if the water will be drawn from the springs or from the river or plain tap water?

    • I wish she was in New Farm park

      • New Farm park is very lovely – and you have the roses.

    • Most of our water would come from springs. I don’t really know what the water treatment is here.

  3. The lady in the fountain is so very graceful and beautiful. I can imagine how cooling it would be to be there on a hot summers day. Lovely photos. When we worked in Woolloongabba a couple of decades or more ago, there was a dismal courtyard at the back of our office shared by a cafe which stored it’s drums of waste cooking oil out there! But inside the office, with the door shut, the sound of birds chirruping in the courtyard used to make me imagine somewhere more beautiful with a cool fountain.

    • Perhaps you could have turned the oil drum into a beautiful fountain – or perhaps not.

  4. Hi Deb,

    Lovely fountain. They were redeveloping the area when we were there in Sept.
    They didn’t build a public toilet by any chance did they? Ha Ha

    Cheers Judy

    • That is something you don’t see very often in Italy.

  5. My goodness that’s stylish! I must take a picture of the less than thrilling new park entrance in my local park. A circle where they were going to put a mosaic, only they ran out of funding and six little trees round the edge of a circle. How do they afford to do such work in Italy? Does it come out of local taxes?

    I wish we had something like that here and your weather… wish wish wish…

    • It is probably paid for with EU money. You may have helped build that fountain – thank you.

  6. Wow, she looks beautiful. I would love to have her for our garden here! Thanks for a lovely post and it is so lovely to see the sun shining there.


    • It is a beautiful day here today. The sun is shining and it is a scroching 14 degrees on my balcony.

  7. The area was all fenced off the last time we were there. Very nice to see the finished project. I know it was a controversial project and it certainly went on long enough but hopefully it will continue to be a favorite spot, especially in the heat of summer.
    Can’t wait to be back there.

    • I think some of the locals would have prefered money to be spent on something else, but if the village looks good then people will come. You will never please everyone.

  8. Hi Debra,

    Everyday we await your post, hoping for a glimpse of our little piece of heaven. Always interesting, often informative and amusing! Home in ten days, cannot wait to sit & relax in the park!!!!

    • Hi Liz and Jim, Thanks for your comments. We are going to Spain on Saturday for 2 weeks – back about 17th April. Will you still be here?

      • Absolutely, celebrating our Ruby Anniversary on that day!! Home for another couple of weeks after that. With any luck we’ll see you at Il Monaco one morning.

  9. She is indeed, most lovely!

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