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Obama’s magic wand

President Obama looked very flash in his yellow jacket and top hat. Yes, that is Osama bin Laden in his hat with the flag for peace waving beside him.

President Obama comes to Viareggio

Osama bin Laden waves to the crowd

pulling the circus tent behind him

the back of the float

the dove of peace

waving the flag

a wave of the wand, a puff of smoke and all is fixed

Wouldn’t that be good?


  1. This all looks so good! Is Viareggio special (like Venice and Cologne) at Carnevale time or does every Italian town do something like this?

    • Most towns do something. Our little village had an event for the children, where people dressed up and there were games for the children. Unfortunately, it was the same day as the parade in Viareggio and I missed it. Italians love to dress up, and I think you will agree that they do it very well.

  2. Hehe well that’s much better than the Berlusconi one!

    • Not quite as cruel anyway.

  3. I have been marvelling at all your photos of the parade – I had NO idea that these floats would be so awesome, so massive, and so spectacular! It must take months to design and build these. These are BRILLIANT photos – thank you so much for sharing them.

    • Thank you for following the parade.

  4. This is genius. I too had no idea carnevale was so developed there. I thought it was more about school children in costumes…but the floats are over the top. I also had no idea of the political slant so much of it takes. This one is amazing. Thanks, as always, for the in-depth coverage. Better than CNN or EuroNews.

    • Most of the floats had a message, the political ones were very strident, especially the Berlusconi one. It gives people a chance to express their opinions and everybody has a great time as well.

  5. Hi, I’m a West Coast Canadian living in Toronto. But my heart has spent a lot of time in Italy. Due to this commom thread, shared by a friend in Victoria, I became aware of this space. The photos, the subjects, just transport one to the event. Sent this off to different friends so they can share in the pure joy of your images. Wow, when’s the next one? Just love that house in Florence…

    • Hi Caterina, Thanks for your encouraging comments. Carnevale was a lot of fun. The last day was yesterday. I never run out of things to talk about and photograph in Italy.

  6. Great phtos. The effort the Italians put in is amazing! I think this outdoes Cologne! Once again, thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

    • Thanks for watching.

  7. I love the political satire, the Berlusconi left me speechless, you are providing a wonderful service by posting these photos for all to see! Great work.

    • Thanks! I was astounded by the Berlusconi float. I could have looked at it for hours. Fortunately they moved quite slowly down the street.

  8. Debra, I am writing from San Diego, CA. My friend, Julie Wells, gave me the link to your Blog after she and Pam met you during their trip to Italy a few months back. I am so enjoying your incredible pictures (you are a wonderful photographer) and your informative and witty posts. My husband, John, and I are visiting Rome, Florence, Tuscany and Umbria this July and we look forward to exploring your beautiful area while there. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experiences with all of us. I look forward to your posts every day with increasing excitement about our own trip! Karen

    • Hi Karen, Thank you for your kind words. I had a great day with the girls on the Ligurian coast. I’m sure you will have a wonderful time in Italy. If I can help with anything, please let me know. Deb

  9. How fun. What a wonderful experience. Great piccys! 🙂 Wish I could see for myself.

    • It was great fun. You will have to come to Italy next year.

  10. It must be a full time job to get together all of the floats ready for the parade surely.
    I wonder if Obama knew Bin Laden was hiding in his hat the whole time?

    • He probably knows now, since he has seen the photos.

  11. Those are indeed interesting floats.

  12. […] his hat this time around) But i did see where someone gave him a parade in italy ( not sure why.…as-magic-wand/ a wave of the wand, a puff of smoke and all is fixed Wouldn’t that be good? […]

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