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Berlusconi as you have never seen him

Many of the floats at the Carnevale are critical of politics and politicians. I didn’t know most of the politicians who came in for criticism, but I have heard of the illustrious leader of Italy. He was singled out for attack with a float dedicated to him. It was spectacular in its cruelty. He owns most of the media, making it difficult to criticise him there, so I guess this was a great outlet for those who disagree with his antics.

here comes Silvio

These floats are several stories high, so it was a very big Silvio making his way down the street.


showered with confetti

getting closer

and closer

his mouth opens


and he starts to come apart at the seams

he really falls apart


then he pulls himself together and moves on

reference to his media empire

stifled screams

this gives an idea of the size of the float

It is quite clear that teflon man is not popular with some sections of the community.

Click here to see my favourite float – the green man.



  1. Through your photos I can enjoy the floats even more. You have really beautiful pictures!!!! See you in the bar tomorrow?!

    • Thanks Rosi. Berlusconi looks amazing here. I’ll be there in the morning.

  2. Deb, it was worth going to Carnevale just to see this, what a clever puppet! right up there with the best of any Hollywood could come up with. I wonder if it appeared in TV coverage of the festival!

    • What are you doing up at this hour? I haven’t seen any reference to this float at all. I think it is incredible – I agree, it was worth going to Viareggio just to see this.

  3. I’m just amazed at the artistic and technical details of these floats! – real works of art! Your pictures capture that very well, Deb. It’s good that Carnevale allows that freedom of political expression not enjoyed by Berlusconi’s tightly-controlled media. I was expecting Berlusconi to be surrounded by a bevy of young women as he is portrayed as such in our Australian papers. That float certainly says a lot about his character.
    I suggest that, when Carnevale is over, you visit the workshops later in the year and see how these puppets are made. Really fascinating!

    • I will certainly visit the workshop to see how the floats are made. I think it would be fascinating.

  4. Incredible. How good that you were there for this. Love the photos.

  5. Wow…, now that’s sayin’ it like they see it isn’t it. Spectacular all the same eh 🙂

    • I wonder what Silvio thinks.

  6. Hahaha…they really did go all out to make their point, didn’t they! Great photos as always, Deb! 🙂

    • Thanks. I wonder how they think these thing up.

  7. OMG that is so elaborate! 😮

    • I wonder what they would do with Julia or the Kevster.

  8. This is such a brilliant political and creative statement! I think my favorite part is the media representation with the claws tearing through the faces that have been burned into the papers. Genius!

    • There is amazing detail on the float.

  9. These floats are so creative! Wonder how long it takes to make one like this, and whether they re-use them again?

    • I thought the Berlusconi float was amazing. It must take them months to make them. Perhaps they recycle parts of them.

  10. as an Italian I can say that they are all fantasies,berlusconi does not control the media.the majority of Italian newspapers and in favor of the left
    He certainly has Mediaset,but in his television is always attacked and mocked by comedians.Berlusconi saved Italy,if it wasn’t for him We were in the hands of Italian Communists worse than Russia and not believe what you hear ’cause the media in Italy are controlled by the left they pretend to be Berlusconi’s to hide the true reality

    • Thank you for your opinion. There are always 2 sides to every argument.

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  12. That is one amazing carnival float – so very clever. Just goes to show that you can’t stifle everyone all the time – the people WILL have their say, one way or another 😉

    • I think this float won first prize.

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