Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 26, 2017

The rain came

Yesterday evening we could see the rain coming across the mountains to Casa Debbio.

This morning we woke up to a glorious spring morning. The trees are turning green before our eyes.

The garden is growing.

Now it is time to get to work planting the new things we bought at the nursery yesterday.

I hope they all grow quickly.



  1. The rain will help the plants to grow…

    • It will. We need rain it has been a dry winter.

  2. Spring is such a lovely season and you are right, you can literally see everything coming alive again

    • Last week the trees were bare, now we can see the green leaves.

  3. Nature comes alive, it’s such a stunning time.

    • Spring is a gorgeous time of year.

  4. Looking forward to seeing the changes in a couple of weeks when everything has soaked up the spring sunshine.

    • We have planted lots of new things. I can’t wait to see them all grow.

  5. I will be in Lucca the end of April. Can’t wait to see the beautiful gardens.

    • Lucca is lovely in April.

  6. Gorgeous Debra! I’m reading and reviewing a book right now that takes place in Italy. It is a memoir and the woman is soon moving back to Italy to live in Lucca. I told her about your amazing blog.

    • Lucca is a wonderful place to be. She will love it.

  7. What stunning views you have and the gardening must be so rewarding.pp

    • It is great to see the result of all the work.

  8. You always give us such lovely photos. I can’t get over there but I get a good look at it through your blog. Cheers.

    • Our garden is coming along very nicely. The whole property was covered in brambles a few years ago.

  9. beautiful!!!!!

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