Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 3, 2012

Fabulous food photos from Paris

I love Paris! There is much to love. I think it is the most beautiful city in the world. One of the things I really love about the city is the delicious food and the way it is displayed….it looks good enough to eat.

Come for a little wander around Paris. Are you hungry? I will start on the Ile St Louis, one of my favourite parts of the city.









There is a gorgeous Epicerie near Le Bon Marche where I wanted to eat everything.












I did take these home to eat.


I love the shapes of seafood and the way it is displayed.







I think I need to go back to Paris soon.


  1. Oh god all of that food is just to too good!

    • Paris does food very well.

  2. I’m already hungry, and this post just promoted gastric growling. 🙂

    • Take a quick trip to Paris for lunch.

  3. great photos!!

    • Thank you. I do love Paris.

  4. Magnifique!!! Delicious photos.
    I also love Paris to bits.

    • I spent a week there not long ago, it is time for another visit.

  5. Trés, trés bon Debra…….and I can confirm that all taste as good as they look. The summer berries are devine, the cheese is so tempting and the gateaux…well what can I say but “J’adore!”

    • France definitely does the best cakes and pastries in the world…..too delicious.

  6. […] París, una vez mas gracias a Debra por su maravillosa capacidad de captar detalles. Mas imágenes aquí. Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterestCorreo electrónicoMe gusta:Me gustaBe the first to like […]

  7. Yuuuuuuuuuum. It’s inspiring, isn’t it, just walking around looking?

    • Paris is divine, and the food tastes as good as it looks.

  8. Your pictures made me drool. Everything I ate in Paris was so delicious. Can’t wait to go back. My daughter is going this fall. Wish I could tag along!

    • You can certainly eat well in Paris.

  9. Great shots ! Well taken! =)

    • Thank you, I had fun taking them.

  10. Beautiful photos! I love open marketplaces 🙂

    • Food markets are always fun places to visit.

  11. I, too, think Paris is the most beautiful city that I have ever seen…..shhhh…don’t tell Italy I said that 😉

    • I don’t think Italy would mind, we love her too.

  12. Simply stunning and now I’m starving!

    • I could eat one of those delicious cakes right now.

  13. I’m in food heaven…I love that little cheese shop on the Il St Louis. I also spotted some razor clams which I missed on our trip to Paris this year. Don’t you love it when you are there for the summer berries.

    • I was in Italy this year in berry season and let’s not forget the cherries.

  14. Those baguettes are enough all on their own Debra!!! Amazing shots. You must have had fun that day! xx

    • I can taste that bread right now!

  15. And now I am hungry! I love Paris too it’s always calling I hope I get there soon.

    • Paris is a wonderful city. I can never get enough Paris.

  16. Yummy! wonderful pictures Debra. Julie and I will be there next year and can hardly wait to eat some of the wonderful french food.
    Pam Proctor

    • I hope you have a wonderful time.

  17. Oh, yummy, yummy Debra! Great photos! And the “Poulet de Bresse” the most delicious chicken in the world… delicious but expensive….

    • I have never tried it, but I can imagine that it would be delicious

  18. Fabulous photos Debra, brings back wonderful memories of my times in Paris. You really have an amazing life and I love enjoying your journey thru your blogs Lyn

    • I am lucky to be able to travel as much as I do. Buying the apartment in Italy has made it possible, the best thing we have ever done.

  19. Many, many years ago I lived in a foyer on the Ile St. Louis while at a summer session of the Sorbonne — I’ve been back since, but these pictures for some reason really take me back to that summer and the many windows of beautiful food that I walked by every day on my way to and from school…

    • Ile St Louis is my favourite little bit of Paris. I always walk through there. The very best view of Notre Dame is from the bridge from Ile St Louis to the left bank.

      • Yes! It was my favorite part of the daily walk to the Sorbonne and then I enjoyed gazing at it as I strolled along across the river.

  20. Goodness, now I’m so, so hungry! Delicious-looking photos, indeed. Congrats again on FP the other day!

    • Paris is a foodie’s delight. I’m glad Helsinki got a gong with Freshly Pressed, it is a great city.

  21. The French sure know how to put on a creative display with their produce. Each country has its own wonderful arrays of food and drink, but I think Paris, like its fashions, have that ‘edge’ over food design. We have marvellous memories of Parisiene food, and never enough!

    • You could easily eat your way around Paris.

  22. How utterly divine – how come French women don’t get fat!!

    • They do, I have seen them.

  23. There really is something for everyone!

  24. Yep, the French certainly do take their food seriously! I especially liked seeing all the poultry on display, free from the plastic that it’s always wrapped in over here!

    • We don’t see too many heads here either.

      • Are you on twitter, Deb? I looked but couldn’t find you..

      • I don’t do twitter or Facebook.

  25. So much good food! 🙂 yet another reason to love france!

    • Not that there is a need for more reasons.

      • True!

      • so true!

  26. I love the bread pics!

    • It makes me hungry looking at them.

  27. Oh my god!!! Amazing!!! I feel hungry now….

    • Paris can do that to you.

  28. The Ile St Louis is one of my favourite places in Paris! It’s so gorgeous and picturesque as your shots show 🙂

    • It is a gorgeous little place right in the centre of Paris.

  29. Boulangerie & patisserie my Parisian downfall… such a sweet tooth!
    Great post
    Carla x

    • Me too, I can’t resist them.

  30. what an incredible collection of delight!
    food as it should always be
    ciao lisa x

  31. You always do food photos so well. Debra.

    • I have a particular interest in food. I love it!

  32. Yes, we all need to go to Paris!

  33. Debra, the four of us just returned this week from our last leg of the fantastic holiday, we had a week in Paris at an apartment right by rue cler. I also love il st louis and did some great shopping there in a little boutique where the lady was sitting making her own hats. I am loving your beautiful photos. Traveling is a wonderful thing.

    • I love to travel, even when it is not going all that well. There are great things to see and experiences to be had.

  34. ok, wow, yum. I want to plan a trip to walk around Paris

    • Walking around a city is the best way to see it and Paris is the most beautiful city to walk in.

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