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Frescobaldi Wine Bar – Florence

I bought a beautiful olive oil last December in Florence – brand name Laudemio, and of course when recently in this beautiful city one of my first stops was this little shop which sells olive oil, olives, dishes for olives, etc. Imagine my surprise when there was none of this oil to be seen on the shelves. At first my first enquiry only brought a blank look, and a suggestion that another brand was all that there was. After much interrogation, I managed to find out that the oil was “finished” meaning HE had no more.

olive oil shop in Borgo SS Apostoli - Florence

I then remembered an article that I had read in the Weekend Australian back in Brisbane, that the people who produce this oil, also produce world famous wine and have a restaurant in Florence.  Again, after much questioning, he did admit that he knew where the restaurant was. All he would tell me was that it was in the Piazza  Signoria – quite a large place.

Undeterred, we marched over there and after more questioning of the guy in the fruit shop (having bought two white peaches) he was able to tell me where it was.

evening at Frescobaldi

Laurie and I hot footed it there and made a booking for dinner. We were not disappointed. I told Debra all about our experience and of course the two of us had to visit said restaurant for lunch a few days later. The place was absolutely packed and our lunch was delicious.

the lunch table

delicious porchetta on salad leaves

a corner table

The Frescobaldi family has been involved in wine and oil production for centuries and the wine is just as good as the oil.

We were offered a comparison tasting of 3 wines from different years.  The wine we tried was from the Sangiovese grape.

Lawrie contemplates the wine

The wines were – Nipozzano Riserva Chianti, S. Maria Morellino di Scansano 2008 and Campo di Sassi Rosso do Montalcino 2008.  They were all excellent!

So, when in Florence try to fit in a visit to this 5 star restaurant which has won many awards. It is in via dei Magazzini 2,  (off Piazza Signoria)Firenze. Buon appetito.

the restaurant has won many awards

Frescobaldi wines

If you can’t make it to the restaurant in Florence, look out for the delicious Laudemio olive oil or one of the fabulous wines.


  1. Don’t know when my next visit will be, but you gals are sure making me jealous with all your yummy posts. Cheers! MLT

  2. Thanks for making it all sound so good – now I want to go back to Florence and try it!

    • You should go there next time you are in Florence.

  3. OK… can only utter a couple of words here…. very jealous 🙂 Your both having the best foodie adventures, this restaurant is the business….. I imagine they seriously would ‘know their stuff’ with all those generations of experience, it’d be in their blood. Keep these posts coming girls 🙂

    • The food in Italy is very good – and generally cheaper than in Australia. We are spoiled for choice.

  4. What fun tracking down your olive oil and look where it lead you… the ingredient quest is always a happy one. We have a little slow food market in Bristol once a month, I buy lovely olive oil and the most deliriously golden Greek honey there from a small producer. I’m hooked. Though they don’t have a restaurant to go with it sadly – maybe I should suggest it to them next time I see them.

    Porchetta is something we don’t see here very often – would love to take ourselves off to Italy for a break one sunny spring day too!

  5. Wow, just googled your oil. £30 for 500 ml in Harrods! Some oil that must be!

    • It is very delicious. I don’t think it that expensive in Italy, but it is not cheap. You should come to Italy in Spring. I’ll be there and I have a spare room.

  6. How wonderful! I love the fact that you hunted your olive oil down and came up with a great restaurant.

    • You never know what you will find.

  7. Hehe Lawrie looks very serious about his wine there! 😀

    • Well wine tasting is a serious business – debating which one was best and how much more one should drink in the interests of research of course!!

  8. I could spend days and nights in this place!
    Thanks for sharing Deb!

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