Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 22, 2012

Goodbye Ponte a Serraglio

I have been in Ponte a Serraglio since early February and it is time to go home to Brisbane. As much as I love my life in Australia, it is always difficult to leave Italy. I have stayed longer than usual in the hope of getting our house in the mountains finished and ready to rent, but I will be leaving it unfinished. I will be up there today, my last day, doing what I can. Hopefully by then end of the day I will have some finished rooms to show you ( I’ll avoid the unfinished bits)

Here is a little roundup of what I will be missing at Ponte a Serraglio.


Early morning at Ponte a Serraglio.


My apartment ( it’s the one with the tiny balcony )



Time for a last walk up the hill.




Time to say goodbye to my geraniums.



And my lavender.


The last few months have flown by. Apart from visiting lovely Lucca, Florence and gorgeous bits of Tuscany, we went to Sardinia for the first time, and had a wonderful week in Amsterdam, while trying to juggle kitchens, painting, furniture buying and lots of other new house things… has been a busy time.

I will be back in September for more.


  1. Can’t wait to see you, been missing you heaps. Lots to tell. See you soon.x

    • I will be home on 28th June. I’ll have a lovely sunny winter day in Brisbane please. We have a date for coffee.

  2. “Parting is such sweet sorrow..” At least you’ll be back in September. We’ll check on your beautiful geraniums when we arrive at the end of July. I’d love to meet you in September.
    Have a good trip. All the best,

    • We will definitely have a coffee at Bar Italia when I return.

  3. Debra! You are very brave to write this post! You must be feeling just a little torn – or maybe even a lot torn!! I loved meeting you and loved seeing Bagni di Lucca first hand! I really can’t wait to host you in Perugia next time. Promise me you’ll come! Jxxx

    • I look forward to catching up in Perugia. When will you be back?

  4. Bella Bella- always hard to leave Italy- even as great as Aussie is!! we are headed over to Amalfi Coast and Capri end of July- cant wait!! Ciao e ritornera presto!

    • Have a great time in that beautiful part of the world. I lived there almost 40 years ago!

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  6. Have a safe trip back and hope to catch you in September – as for the unfinished house, it will happen – eventually – and I am speaking from experience!!

    • I am actually happy to leave it for a while, it has all been very disappointing and frustrating. The house is gorgeous and it WILL be finished soon.

  7. It is always sad to leave such a beautiful place, but you are lucky to know that you will be back again soon. I look forward to seeing photos of the finished house!

  8. The greenery and colors look amazing!

    • It is a beautiful place.

  9. Safe travels Debra….and look forward to seeing the new abode!

    • Thank you, it is a long way home.

  10. Yes Deb it is time to return to Brisbane, and we are all looking forward to seeing you – lots happening so you are going to be busy.
    Love the geraniums on the bridge. How beautiful is the village – in all seasons.

    • I can’t wait to catch up on all the news.

  11. Thank you for sharing this trip with us all. I feel quite privileged and look forward to September when you return. Hopefully I will be in Brisbane while you are there and we can catch up

    • I would love to meet in Brisbane for a coffee.

  12. Dear Deb, have a wonderful trip home! It is so lovely…the view alone from your little apartment is breathtaking…and in these pictures everything is so crisp and green and alive. Beautiful. Will the work on the house carry on in your absence? Or does everything stay on hold? It’s going to be amazing. Buon viaggio!

    • I am hoping things will continue. Getting the electricity connected is the priority. We paid for the connection in April last year. The poles are in, and the wires to the property. We just need the final bit to the house. The rest is just small stuff.

  13. I can see why you are reluctant to leave-it must be hard but September is not that far away. Looking forward to seeing the photos of the finished rooms!

    • I worked all day at the house on Friday and I have some photos of the finished bits.

  14. i love the nature and the views, so amazing… dont be sad, very soon you’ll find yourself going back to ponte a serraglio.

    • It is really only 2 months until I return….not long at all.

  15. Your pictures of your last day captures the essence of the area, thus simply outstanding. More importantly, safe journey to Brisbane … and I look forward to reports of here from there.

    • I have a stop in Helsinki for a few days, which is always fun.

  16. Safe travels back to Australia. It will all be waiting for you when you get back in September. Time does seem to stand still in those small towns. Look forward to one day having un cafe with you at Bar Italia or maybe you;ll come up to Pieve and help me figure out how I could get some work done there 🙂 I am really sorry I’m going to be missing you this time.

    • I would love to come up to see your place in Pieve. Will you be around in Sept/Oct?

  17. Dear Debra, I loved this lovely town with you and through your beautiful photographs… I will be missing you and your Italy days too but to be at home should be so nice dear Debra. I wish you to have a nice and safe travel to home and have a nice and enjoyable winter days. Thank you, with my love, nia

    • Thank you, winter in Brisbane is lovely, and it has become very hot here.

  18. safe trip home Debra, never did manage to make contact last week – saw you a couple of times but you were busy talking and I hate to interrupt, and then never saw you on our last day! Coincidentally we will also be back in September so will definitely try to make contact then!

    • You should have interrupted! I hope we meet up in September.

  19. Good trip Debra. If you are like me – always sorry to leave Bagni di Lucca, but always happy to get back to my other home. What a good life.
    I was pleased to meet you in Longoio at Easter and following your blogs. I look forward to seeing you again in September. I will be around until 17th/18th – post Longoio Art. Peggy

    • I hope Longoio Art goes well. We will have a coffe together and you can tell me all about it.

  20. Safe trip Debra. I look forward to seeing you again here in Ponte a Serraglio in September and to seeing your beautiful house in Vergemoli when it’s finished.

    • You are invited up for the party to see the house and meet the locals.

  21. Have a good and safe trip back to Australia, Debra. We shall see you again in October.

    • I look forward to it.

  22. Safe travels Debra.

    • Thank you! Will you be in Lucca in October?

  23. Ohh, how bitter sweet. Gorgeous photos tell the story and the ‘pull’. September isn’t that far off; and what a lovely time of year as well. May I have your e-mail address for an enquiry about your ‘unfinished’ lovely stone house. A friend of mine and I were wondering…..

    • My email is I hope work continues while I am in Australia.

      • Thank you. Just saw today’s post (that followed this one). You have made some lovely touches and fine details. Like the white mirror, how it ‘frames’ the room…embroidery on the hem of the curtains. Lots of charmin’ here. Well done and congrats. Now, to make that enquiry….

      • I have been sewing since I was a child, so I have had a bit of practice.

  24. Bon Voyage. That’s a lot of very beautiful things to be missing.

    • It is very beautiful here…it makes it easy to forgive when things go wrong.

  25. I always feel like I’m on a journey with you, Debra. Thank you. xx

    • Come with me to Helsinki for a few days.

  26. I feel the same way when I leave Scurtabo to return to Canada. Happy to see friends and family here and the positive things Toronto offers, but also forlorn for leaving Italy behind. You’ve had a great run though! Even if you didn’t quite get the house done. Getting there is half the fun!

    • The house is nearly finished and I have done as much as I can do on this trip. I love home too, so it is not all that difficult to leave.

  27. Hoping someone comes in after to you to enjoy your lovely flower pot plants. Roz

    • The apartment is full of people until my return. The flowers are looking great…stuff just grows here.

  28. Hi Debra,
    My heart is aching for you as I have the same feelings when leaving Italy the tug of the heart strings gets you every time! Back in September recharged from some Brisbane time to your gorgeous apartment and village it just looks beautiful 🙂
    So happy to find yours and Liz’s lovely blog I linked you on my post yesterday here if you want to take a peek
    Brava to the 2 Aussie girls living their dream! Have added you to my blogroll also
    Carla x

    • I am happy to go home to Brisbane for a while…..but then I know I will be back in bella Bagni di Lucca soon.
      I love your blog and I have your books! Thank you for adding me to your list, I will do the same.

  29. Oh Debra we just have to meet up in Brissie when you get back. I know how bitter sweet it is to leave, safe journey. ciao lisa
    PS the view from your balcony is just glorious and those geraniums so happy.

    • I love my apartment in Bagni di Lucca and especially the view.

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