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Casa Debbio garden update

We have done lots of work in the garden at Casa Debbio. Some trees were cut down last autumn and it was all looking a bit bare, so we are planting the terrace below the house.

Casa Debbio

Filippo and Batista have built us a new fence at the edge of the drop to allow plantings above and below.

We bought about 80 lavender plants, hydrangeas, peonies, azaleas, lilac, fruticans, roses, raspberries, blueberries and a few other things. Our lovely gardening friend Agostino has given us lots of plants he has grown from seed and cuttings.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

The terrace still looks a bit bare, but I am hoping the plants will grow quickly and fill in the gaps.

Spring has been slow coming, but our beautiful new magnolia tree grew some excellent flowers.

Casa Debbio

Now it is busily growing leaves which I hope will give us some shade this summer.

The daffodils were beautiful and lasted for weeks. They are finished now and irises are about to appear.

The weeping cherry put on a good show.

Casa Debbio

Trees are finally starting to turn green. Our walnut is getting leaves. One of our fig trees has baby figs.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

The quince is covered in new growth.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

The Judas tree has tiny flowers.

Casa Debbio

All the fruit trees are in blossom.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

We have a carpet of blue flowers under the trees at the edge of the terrace above the house. I think they are periwinkles.

Casa Debbio

I have peonie buds everywhere…my favourite flower. A couple of new ones I bought came with flowers about to open and they have done so.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

The aquilegia has come up again this year. These are the cutest little flowers.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

I have violets.

Casa Debbio

Strawberries are beginning to grow.

Casa Debbio

The bleeding hearts were under a hazelnut tree last year, they like shade. This year they have reappeared. I hope the full sun is not too hot for them.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Work continues. It takes a few hours just to water the new plants and there is endless weeding to do.

Soon the roses will appear and the wisteria is on the way…I’ll let you know how it all goes.

There is a fly in the ointment…mufloni. We have wild goats and deer living all around us. They occasionally drop in at night and nibble things. They have chewed the poor rhododendrons and ate 2 roses soon after I planted them.

I spotted these on the road up to Vergemoli…I hope they stay there.



  1. Looks Great!

    • I would like it to grow much more quickly.

  2. It is hard enough to leave a house when you are traveling to and fro – it must be even harder to leave a garden. Especially when there are goats about.. c

    • I hate to leave my garden. I would like to be there every day to see things grow and change. Filippo looks after it when we are not there, but I can’t see it.

  3. Things are growing beautifully! It will be lovely to see how it does as the season progresses.

    • You will see a difference next time you come up to visit.

  4. What progress. The garden looks beautiful and so established from the early days when I saw it. How rewarding.

    • There have been big changes since you were here. You need to come back.

  5. Beautiful Debra! I can’t wait to start working on my summer garden

    • It is great fun to watch things grow.

  6. If it’s not flies in the ointment, it’s mufloni in the garden. (But, they’re kind of cute animals.) The magnolias look wonderful with the mountain as a back drop.

    • The mufloni are very cute and I am happy to see them…as long as they don’t eat my garden.

  7. I am always excited to hear the updates on Casa Debbio. Everything is looking beautiful. I particularly like the aquilegia. I have not heard of them till now. Another few weeks and it will all look even more gorgeous

    • Aquilegia are also called Colombines. I love them and I am very happy they have returned.

  8. It looks like paradise!

    • It is available for rent…tell all your friends.

  9. The flowers look lovely… But I would not trust the mufloni…

    • The area is too big to fence. As long as they don’t eat too much it will be OK.

  10. Looking fabulous Deb. You’ll have people just wanting to come and visit you garden . Well done Fillipo and you. Springtime in the mountains looks wonderful

    • It is certainly a lovely time to be at Casa Debbio. We face south, so we have sun all day.

  11. Just beautl. Can’t wait to be back one day, you have worked very hard and its paying off. Just enjoy.

    • There is a bit more work to do, then we can just watch it grow.

  12. It’s looking gorgeous already Deb. It’ll soon fill out so enjoy the growing season. Uummmmm….those goats could be a problemo though! Good luck with them!



    • As long as there are people around the house they mostly stay away, but a couple of brave souls sneak around at night.

  13. If your resources were perhaps redirected to upgrading the road into Casio Debbio , those poor old goats wouldn’t end up in the ravine 😀😅😉

    • If they keep eating my plants I will be happy for them to be in the ravine.

  14. Looking forward to our next visit. The work you have done looks amazing. Well one to you both.

    • You will see a big difference when you come next time.

  15. delightful! I love those Bleeding Hearts.

    • Me too. My grandmother had them growing at her house many years ago and I loved them.

  16. Looks gorgeous Debra! Spring there seems so beautiful-love all the superb colours!

    • It is a pleasure to drive around here right now. It seems everyday something new has grown.

  17. Your garden will be a source of delight to any visitor who stays at your beautiful home. I’m glad you planted a magnolia tree in place of the pine tree. It well look beautiful when fully matured. Hope the goats will stay away!

    • I’m hoping the magnolia grows quickly. They are beautiful trees.

  18. Debra so much progress even from when I saw it last summer. Looking divine with all those flowers we love and adore and can’t have here. The fuchsias look delicious as does the magnolia – I need to come – now that THAT EXAM is over, Nick and I need to plan a visit.

    • I am looking forward to my peonies most of all. There are some on a bush in Vergemoli the size of cabbages.

  19. Looking good! Everything is starting to fill in nicely. Do you also have tulips? In my neck of the woods, the tulips come in soon after the daffodils expire.

    • I haven’t planted tulips…something to try for next year.

  20. Oh, gosh, that’s all so lovely. Those Mufloni have very round rumps – for a small fee I could come a fire off peas?

    • Come on over…bring peas.

  21. Deb, it all looks lovely. Hope you are well.

    • I hope my new plants survive. Just about everything from last year made it through winter.

  22. so beautiful…a bit envious of the figs! and all those lovely rhodedendrons (if that’s what they are) and mountainy flowers that I grew up with. Just beautiful.

    • We didn’t get any figs last year, it was too wet. Here’s hoping for some this year. I think you mean the hortensia, hydrangeas, they are mist impressive.

  23. Beautiful, so beautiful dear Debra, I loved the colours in your garden and of course the view too. Thank you, love, nia

    • Our view is wonderful and I hope our garden will be gorgeous one day.

  24. Bella Bella… is wonderful to be able to visualize all the gardens after our visit last year…..the columbines should re seed themselves each year…or at least mine do at home and I have new generations each year. The colors might change but that is OK. My bleeding heart plants thrive in bright sun light and even with cutting back and dividing each year they are huge….good luck in your wonderful mountain air. ischia is as wonderful as always…see you next March

    • This is the third year for the colombines, clever little things. The bleeding hearts are not very big, but they put on a good show. Perhaps next year you can see the results in person.

  25. The garden is looking good, you have a great selection of plant and trees. Two hours to water! – that makes me thankful my garden is postage stamp size.

    • Once the lavender is established it shouldn’t need watering as often. The hydrangeas like water.

  26. Papillon looking FAB Deb!!

    • That is clearly the one you gave me. It is growing and producing lots of flowers.

  27. The beauty of the seasons.
    I have enjoyed the colours.
    Thank you Debra. Suzanne Turrisi

  28. O Deb! This post melts my heart.

  29. Thanks Debra, I can’t get enough of your mountain garden. So many of my favorites that just won’t do it over here. Beautiful time f the year, every day a new surprise. I can’t get over the difference that cutting down the trees made.

  30. Great pictures of your garden. Its amazing just how quickly the landscape changes when spring arrives.

  31. Absolutely delightful, it’s going to be a joy watching your garden blossom.

  32. […] finally arrived at Casa Debbio and my plants began to grow. There were fruit blossoms on all the trees and my newly planted terrace […]

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