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My first night at Casa Debbio in Vergemoli

Oops! I posted an unfinished post by mistake. I will start again.

I spent my first night in Vergemoli on Saturday night. There are a few details to be completed but we have power, water and the solar panels are giving us lots of lovely hot water, so I headed up the mountain to spend a few days in Casa Debbio.

It rained all night the first night and I awoke to gorgeous views of the mist rolling through the mountains.







I headed off to the bar in the village for a coffee and then wandered around Vergemoli.

Like all villages in the area, it has an impressive church.


I am not sure who the chap in the alcove is.


Someone got creative with this down pipe.


The village is beautifully kept and there are pretty gardens and lovely doorways.











The views are stunning from everywhere in the village.






My second night was not really a success. The gas stopped working and there was a huge storm and house lost power, so I am now back at Ponte a Serraglio to work things out.


  1. Deb, bummer about the second night, but how wonderful that you finally got to stay in the house! Lovely little town, and gorgeous views too!

    • I expected a few bugs… will all be OK in the end.

  2. Congratulations on the new house and enjoy – I hope the minor bugs get sorted out quickly.

    • The house needs to be lived in for a while to sort out all the new things.

  3. Spectacular views. I would love to see it all with my own eyes, and to stay there some nights. But I’m sure the road up is a doozy. My daughter doesn’t well on those roads….hmmm, perhaps I’ll just have to come without her!

    • At the moment I park the car in the village and walk up through the chestnut forest. The road needs work in a few places before I will tackle the drive.

  4. congratulations Debra – As you say, i’m sure those bugs will be ironed shortly

    • Everything is brand new and some things need a little tweaking…..all will be well.

  5. Hi Debra, Congratulations, you worked so hard and achieved so much, well done. Your photos once again are fabulous and the ones of the mist rolling in took my breath away. Just gorgeous. Lyn

    • The misty sunrise was spectacular again this morning…..I do love autumn.

  6. What an absolutely gorgeous place, Debra. I’m sure you’ll be very happy there. 🙂

    • The house will be for rent next spring. We will be there early next year for a while to get the garden established.

  7. Debra, congratulations – what an achievement. Surely the little gremlins will soon leave you alone and you will have no more power cuts (like I have, every day!) – but, believe you me, one get’s used to anything. And of course I love your photographs, especially the stonework, doors, etc.

    • I need to learn how the house works, which is why I want to spend time up there. We have a man below who plays tango music sometimes…it is quite strange, but lovely, to hear the music echoing through the valley.

  8. Thinking of you on your own without power, hope all was OK & candles to hand. Look forward to next post on another night spent without any incidents.

    • Fortunately I had just purchased a large torch, which came in very handy.

  9. Deb it all sounded so fabulous so I trust its onmy a small glitch – chatacter building?

    • I think my character has been well and truly built…..anyway, it was very nice to be in the house and the problems are minor ones which will be sorted soon.

  10. Sorry Deb – predictive text is a pain – hopefully only a small glitch & only a small stitch in life’s rich tapestry – really hope it’s all fixed soon xxx

  11. Well done with your property development – it takes tremendous tenacity to get any thing done to a house in Italy, let alone a full scale restoration. I’m sure you won’t let the gremlins put you off. Keep moving forward.

    • The gremlins are small and hopefully easily sorted. The house needs to be lived in for a while.

  12. Deb
    The photos are awesome and I am glad you were able to stay in your new home in Vergemoli. Hoping you get the gas situation worked out soon.

    • With a bit of luck the gas and electricity should be sorted soon…..except that it is bucketing down now.

  13. Eheu! Which is basically Latin for ‘bummer’, but so much more refined. I shall work on the word for ‘yippee’ which I hope you will soon be singing to the misty mountains:)

    • It will all be lovely soon…..I just know it.

  14. Congratulations on the first night! … and for capturing the beauty of the area. Bummer on the hassles of the second night, but I’m sure you are still glowing on the debut!

    • It was lovely to be in the house and to sit looking at that amazing view. The problems are small ones.

      • Well said.

  15. How exciting to have spent your first night in Casa Debbio. Congratulations! The town looks cute…love your photos. Enjoy the rest of your stay ..once you get the power and gas back on!!

    • I am hoping for some more time up there before I return to Australia.

  16. Hope you have your power back. How exciting to be able to stay in your gorgeous home that you have put some much work into.

    • I’m sure it will all be sorted soon and I will be able to go back to stay.

  17. Fantastic Debra! It’s such a special house. Congratulations. I love the morning shots of the mist…and the village is just stunning. Is it really as peaceful as it looks? You’ve got a fantastic package there. I hope all the ‘sorting out’ isn’t too difficult… Looking forward to more updates.

    • It really is peaceful up there. All you hear is birds, except when the neighbour plays tango music, which makes me want to lurch about in time to the beat.

  18. Gosh, the view from up there is stunning! Really, kind of takes my breath away. Sorry you had trouble the second night. Good luck with those details.

    • With a bit of luck things will be sorted soon and I can go back.

  19. Wow the view is spectacular – as you had told us. Looks a gorgeous village.
    Congrats on getting Casa Debbio to the stage where you can now stay there- the other fine details will happen soon I am sure. Enjoy every moment.

    • These autumn mornings are spectacular. Soon the leaves will change colour and it will be gorgeous.

  20. Statues, terracotta tiles, slates, a view, geraniums and a bike. Vergemoli looks about as good as it gets,,,well, maybe plumbing could improve it.

    • Fortunately our plumbing is all brand new.

  21. Oh dear… always a few glitches aren’t there?! Nothing that can’t be fixed. Enjoy!

    • It will all be wonderful soon.

  22. amazing views!! oh i miss Italy..

    • The mountains here are spectacular.

  23. I am certain that you will be able to fix all the little problems in no time. Enjoy the house.

    • New houses always need a bit of time to settle down.

  24. how exciting to be able to sleep in your new home, even if there are a few things yet to do… I loved that downpipe by the way, what a great catch! c

    • I think the cobwebs set it off nicely.

  25. Congratulations on the new house…sorry about the kinks, but I’m sure they’ll get worked out quickly. But waking up to such a spectacular view is all worth it! And the town is so cute – I just love small Italian hill towns! They make me smile every time I see one 🙂 Enjoy the adventure!!

    • The house will be ready to rent by spring. We will spend some time there early next year to get the garden ready.

  26. The views look absolutely spectacular! And the town looks so charming too 🙂

    • Vergemoli is a beautiful town, I look forward to spending more time there.

  27. The town looks stunning and what a view!!! I’m sure the effort will be ‘vale la pena’.

  28. Well done Debra, and fantastic shots of the village….ahhhhhh. Susan

    • Vergemoli is a beautiful village, and the residents are very friendly.

  29. Envying that misty mountainous morning view! Storms and power outs sounds familiar, and we’ve been in our place for 9 years 🙂 Lovely village photos.

    • I have sorted the electricity problem….now to the rest.

  30. Congrats!
    Good eye as always, Debra. The way you spot the details is exceedingly amenable.
    Love all the mist shots, as I always wow to those whenever I come across to that kind of view.

    • The views from the house are always wonderful, but there is something special about these misty autumn mornings.

  31. What a sweet little town Debra…. makes me want to go out and plant some geraniums.

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