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Autumn comes to Bagni di Lucca

autumn is here

The leaves have changed colour and some trees are already bare.  Autumn has arrived and today there is a chill wind blowing a few more leaves away.  I am going back to Australia today, to spring in Brisbane.  I hate leaving my little village, but I know I will be back soon.  My next visit begins in February for some winter then the glorious spring.  I am so lucky to be able to travel between 2 places I love.

the almost complete fountain at La Villa


Tina's trees change colour

the tiglio trees change

mist in the hills

autumn colours

logs for the winter

I have gathered  stories and photos while I have been here and there are many posts waiting to be uploaded.  There is lots more on lovely Siena, Lucca, Forte dei Marmi, Germany, Torino and the Salone del Gusto – enough to last until I come back in February.  Hopefully you will keep reading.  I really like to read your comments, so keep them coming.



  1. Looking forward to seeing you Deb. My Magnolia Grandiflora has it’s first flower today, as big as a dinner plate. The jacaranda’s are sensational. Brisbane’s spring will not disappoint you. Travel safely my friend.

    • Perhaps I will come over and eat dinner from it. I can’t wait to see the jacarandas and the poincianas – love Brisbane!!

  2. See you soon Deb. The sun is shining today so hope it keeps up after all the overcast weather.

    • The weather is the weather, but I hope it is not too hot.

  3. In the picture ‘autumn colors’, is that the renovated place across the river from Bianca?!
    I always wanted that place but it must have taken $ and alot of work.

    • Hi Joan,
      Yes that is the place opposite Bianca’s. The outside has been completed, but I don’t know about the interior. I’m sure something will come up for sale there. It looks so much better than before doesn’t it.

  4. Have a safe journey home and thanks for all the wonderful photos and stories. Moira

    • Thanks Debra/Moira!

  5. Lovely photos of Bagni Di Lucca in autumn. I recently stayed in an appartment in lovely Villa Talenti at Bagni Caldi. The leaves of the tree, ( I
    think it was an elm ), in front of the bedroom window had turned gold and were beginning to fall. It is certainly a beautiful area. I have loved looking at your photos. You are lucky to have a residence there. Cheers Judy.

    • Hi Judy,
      I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Bagni di Lucca.

  6. See you back in Bris. Loved the autumn colours which we don’t have, sadly.
    You will love the jacarandas. In fact I’ll do a blog on them tonight!

  7. I love the mist in the hills! And look at all that open space.. I miss having a view of something other than my neighbor’s living room.

  8. Hi Debra, the pictures are great!
    I hope to see you again in February…

  9. Ahh back to Australia. But you must miss it no?

    • I do miss Bagni di Lucca and Italy when I am not there, but knowing I am going back soon makes it OK.

  10. The pictures were beautiful Deb. Our “Fall” has been spectacular but now the leaves are starting to fall – a sad time of the year.
    Safe travels back to Aus Great meeting you in September


  11. So glad you’ve got lots more posts in the pipeline to continue feeding my travel lust, but Oz in spring is a sight for sore eyes too. Welcome home 🙂

  12. u can also put some posts and pics up from australia. xx

    • I have done posts about Australia and will be doing some on lovely Brisbane in spring.

  13. Hope your trip home was a safe one. I look forward to meeting you in Italy in the spring! Keep your great posts coming!

  14. Beautiful, beautiful photos. The array of colors is absolutely appealing to the eyes. I’m so glad I found your blog. Catching up on many of your previous posts since I first subscribed.

    • I’m glad you found it too. I think yours is great as well. I loved the photo of the little girl.

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