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Santa Margherita Ligure



Christopher Columbus in Santa Margherita


Santa Margherita is a beautiful town on the Ligurian coast, just south of Portofino.  It was once home to a coral fishing fleet.  I doubt there would be any coral left in these waters – just as well the town now fishes for tourists.

It is a delightful town to wander in.  Be sure to leave the beachfront and look in the back streets to see the trompe l’oeil decorations on many of the buildings.


the street behind the beachfront




a pretty door




tell the time on the front of the building



trompe l'oeil - these windows are not what they seem



the washing has to go somewhere



fig, pine nut and caramel tart



a pretty apartment



interesting building



beach cabins



gorgeous Santa Margherita



We took the boat from Rapallo to Portofino and back to Santa Margherita.  It is a great way to travel between the towns and see the fabulous coastline at the same time.


  1. Thank you we loved staying this town and walking around spotting the fake windows….had the best dish degustation ever here, your blog brought back the memories.

  2. We hired a dinghy once in Portofino and putted around to Santa Margherita. It’s a lovely town,and similar to Portofino, one of our favourite places in Italy…
    Great photos – love the clock and door.

  3. Cup of tea in hand to oggle at your pics…. its over all too quickly. Intriguing clock on the building huh!

  4. Beautiful views and details! Did you try that tart? I’m curious about it! 🙂

    • I didn’t try it. The pasticceria was closed. I think it would be wonderful, it contains all my favourite things. It shouldn’t be too hard to make. Perhaps you could try it and do a post on it.

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