Posted by: debrakolkka | October 13, 2010

Pink meerkats in Portofino




Don’t ask why there are pink meerkats in Portofino – I have no idea.  I think they are quite festive.


pink meerkats looking out to sea



they have spotted something



gorgeous Portofino



so colourful



I love the blue boat


I am so glad Portofino is not far from Bagni di Lucca.  We can go often.


  1. How cute! They look great! Oh Portofino……….It is a dream.

    • Who are you? You are not Debra, that is me.

  2. Pink Meerkats and now Deb talking to herself….strange happenings on this blog….

  3. Once I could see what was behind those very well brought up meerkats I could see why they were so hot pink. What an attractive place Portofino is – very much a ‘once upon a time there was…’ place.

  4. Thank you for commenting on our blog! We loved Sorrento! It was beautiful and the food spectacular!

  5. Yes yes yes ! Beautiful Portofino. I have hundreds of photos of this quaint little town. Not sure about those pink meerkats though!

  6. Haha that is quite an unusual art installation! I did a double take when I saw the title 😛

  7. I have a picture of Portofino on my pin board…, gotta go there.

  8. My husband and I were walking, on holiday in the Portofino area in April. One of the locals told us they were part of a celebration to do with the sea!

    Can they swim?

    • I wouldn’t have thought so, but they are not usually pink either.

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