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Rapallo from the boat

Rapallo overlooks the Gulf of Tigullio on the Ligurian coast.  The sandy beach is lined with bright blue changing cabins, giving it a jaunty look.  They were empty the day we visited.  Even though it was warm and sunny, the season is over and everything will soon be packed up until next summer.


canons guarding the town

the little castle

The little castle was built in 1550.  I think the sign advertising the cartoon exhibition spoils it somewhat.

an interesting fountain

a heron out for a stroll

good things to eat in Rapallo

the ceiling of the rotunda near the beach

Rapallo has Roman origins and there is a bridge supposedly used by Hannibal – just before he strolled into Bagni di Lucca to use the mineral spa no doubt.

Aristocrats flocked to the area in the 19th century to enjoy the climate.  There are Art Nouveau cafes and hotels lining the Lungomare Vittorio Veneto to remind us of Rapallo’s past glories.  It is a beautiful and interesting town and it would be easy to spend hours here wandering in its lovely streets.

Servizio Marittimo del Tigullio operates a year round boat to/from Santa Margherita and Potofino.  There is also a bus service, but the boat is a great way to get around the area.  In the summer season the boats also go to Genova, Cinque Terre and Porto Venere.

We didn’t spend enough time in the town – it needs another visit.  In the links on the side of the blog look for An Expat in Rapallo, a great blog with lots of local stories.

On another trip to Rapallo I saw this enormous plant about to flower. I would love to have been there when it did.

the huge agave plant about to flower


  1. The deli photo looks like New Farm Deli!
    I like the rotunda ceiling.

  2. That octopus fountain is very interesting indeed and the bird reminds me of a human going out for a stroll 😛

  3. Hi Debra,

    Great photos of Rapallo! I’m investigating your super camera to replace the one I dropped in France. It wa so nice to meet you . . . thanks for spending a fun day with Pam, Ann and me!

    • Hi Julie,
      My camera replaced one I dropped in Paris as well. There will be posts on Santa Margherita and Portofino soon


  5. loved the post!

    and what a nice little castle!!!!

  6. Loved the rotunda & the octopus fountain Debra.

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