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Orrido di Botri

This is a story written by one of my friends, Maggie Barron who stayed in our apartment in summer….

My story of Orrido di Botri started in Florence, at the Hotel Cestelli. The owner of the hotel, when I mentioned to him I was on my way to stay in Bagni di Lucca, immediately began telling me about this amazing canyon not far from the town of Montefegatesi, close to where I was staying. He even went so far as write down the name and a rough idea of how to get there. Unfortunately, for me however, it seemed far too tricky to attempt public transport to get there so I put it to the back of my mind.


Directions to Orrido di Botri!


Fast forward a few weeks into the hazy summer heatwave that is July, and I found myself with the  opportunity to see this canyon I’d heard spoken about in such reverent tones. The directions I obtained from the wonderful lady (Leda) at the information office in La Villa were very easy to follow and the drive to the canyon was just beautiful. The base area looks like a school camping ground and there’s a rustic little cafe there also. So after acquiring a map, donning a helmet and making sure my camera was safely tucked up into my bikini top, my friend and I set off down the path.


Around every corner was even more beauty.


Now, a word of warning: the water is cold! It was a steamy hot day in the middle of July and the water was still quite icy. So what you immediately try to do is stay out of the water and manoeuvre across the rocks. And I can tell you this with absolute certainty – braving the water is much safer and much more fun! I only realised after losing my footing on the slippery rocks a couple of times.


Make sure you wear shoes that can get wet!


It is as vigorous exercise as you want it to be, made all the more invigorating by the scenery you are moving through. And also, the water isn’t exactly shallow. Once I was making my way through a pass that was waist deep! But as the old saying goes: “it’s all right…..once you’re in!”


One of the 4 landmark points.


Moving upstream along the river, it became necessary to multitask. I learned quickly how to maintain my balance whilst gazing in wonderment at the view surrounding me, which was nothing short of amazing. Phenomenal. Nature in it’s most untouched, incredible beauty.




Rocks made of quartz and marble and everything in between. Trees and vines making their home along the riverbank….not there to hinder your path, but to lend a hand.


Nature at its best. Breathtaking!


Tiny waterfalls cascading off boulders. Showering like rainfall down from the ancient rock walls that tower above you. It’s difficult to explain the magnitutude of some of the boulders and the cliffs surrounding you. There were several moments where I felt as though I was in a scene from Picnic at Hanging Rock.


Looking back on where we'd just come through. Optical Illusion!


There are four landmark points on the walk which takes around 3 hours. We walked to the third point which took two hours. However if you choose to go the distance, you will be rewarded with a spectacular waterfall which alas, I only saw in pictures. Oh well, I will rise to the challenge next summer!


  1. i have worked for three years at the reception of a hotel, and during that time i loved when i gave to my guests info to do things, that they wouldn’t find in guides, web etc. that was one of my best things in that job.
    and yes, the place u describe looks amazing!!


  2. I am amazed at how lush and Australian this looks in the pictures. Lovely.

  3. Another beautiful place, thanks for sharing.

  4. Several of our friends, and guests at the house in San Cassiano have done this. Everyone comes back raving about it. One piece of advice though. Take your swimming togs with you. The pool at the end is impossible to resist when you have walked and climbed for an hour and a half. One of our friends found it so irrisistable that she stripped off and jumped in. Still, skinny dipping in such beautiful surroundings adds a certain “Je ne sai qua” to the experience.

  5. Or you could say Chi lo sa? I haven’t done the walk through the orrido as I am rarely here in summer – one day. I have been to the picnic ground at the edge and that was pretty good.

  6. thanks – love the blog !!

  7. Another awesome place of our beautiful Bagni di Lucca

  8. can you get here by bicycle or bus from bagni di lucca?

    • You can get a bus from Bagni di Lucca to Montefegatesi, but I’m not sure how far it is from there. Try the information centre in La Villa.

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