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Puccini in Lucca


Puccini was born in Lucca 22nd December 1858.  Every night, in the church of San Giovanni, where Giacomo Puccini was baptised, his work is showcased.  Professional Italian singers and pianists perform for a largely foreign audience in this magnificent venue.

ready to begin

the best seat in the house

The acoustics are excellent. I am not an opera lover, but I have been 4 times and I love it.  There is a pianist and 2 or 3 singers performing songs from the operas of Puccini and others.

the performers take a bow

Puccini died in 1924 and because of some difficulties during his lifetime and the fact that he moved away from the area – not far away – to Torre del Lago, he was largely forgotten by Lucca.  In  2004, the 80th anniversaryof his death, all was forgiven and the festival to celebrate his life and work began.  It is a living festival where his works are performed and we get to enjoy the experience.

This is a must for anyone visiting Lucca.  I think you would have to be a complete philistine if you didn’t experience at least one spine tingle when these beautiful voices fill the church.

inside the church

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  1. Love Puccini.. Love opera.. Love Italy..

  2. We too have been to the church of San Giovanne on numerous occasions. In fact we often stop off in Lucca for the night on the way to our house just to go there. We generally stay at Albergo Diana, which is just round the corner from the church, and to round off the evening, we like to have a meal at the “Bucca di Sant Antonio” which has the reputation of being the best ristorante in Lucca. I haven’t been to every ristorante in Lucca, but it’s certainly a great place to eat.

    • I know the Hotel Diana and have eaten at Buca San Antonio – very good. You must try a new one in Via San Paolino called Paris Boheme. It is excellent.

  3. Funnily enough, I am not an opera lover but I love clasic music.
    What you describe about the event in the church, sounds fantastic to me.
    If I ever manage to visit Lucca, I will definetely go for it. Thank you for the info.



  4. Two comments to make from my recent visit to Lucca – Puccini Opera showcase is sensational and be sure to experience tingles with some of those beautiful Italian songs and my second comment in agreeance with Deb – ‘Paris Boheme’ is not only a restaurant but an experience, the boys that own this business are so divine and Louis will certainly make your eating experience entertaining, and they play classical music which is delightful whilst you contemplate the majestic piazza where Puccini statue is located.

  5. How did we miss this???

  6. How sublime. I adore Puccini’s music and I can imagine the ambience of such a building would enhance the experience. Music has such power.

  7. PS: loved the post on the little green boat – I’m sure it just needs a little blankie.

  8. This brings back fond memories of being in Lucca. Puccini’s operas are my favourite. Love listening to it when we have guests over for an Italian meal. Puccini and Pasta is a must.

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