Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 4, 2016

Cherub with dolphin

Every time I go to Florence I like to drop in to the Palazzo Vecchio to see the little cherub in the courtyard at the entrance.

Putto with dolphin

He has been under cover recently while he was cleaned. I was happy to see him sparkling clean and out on show again on my last visit.

Putto with Dolphin

Putto with Dolphin was created by Andrea del Verrocchio in about 1470. The water flowing from the dolphin’s mouth comes through pipes from the Boboli Gardens.

Putto with Dolphin

The statue was designed to look good from any angle…and it does.

Putto with Dolphin

Putto with Dolphin

Putto with Dolphin

He has the cutest little bottom.

Putto with Dolphin

This boy with a dolphin is a copy. The original is on display on the second floor.

Unfortunately it seems a bird left a message on the little cherub. No doubt someone will climb up and wipe it off soon.

It is free to go into the first courtyard of the Palazzo Vecchio and I suggest you do…it is gorgeous.


  1. Oh, yes! I do love that one as well! It is delightful.

    • He is such a happy little fellow. He always brings a smile to my face.

  2. He’s an irresistible cutie!

    • I haven’t seen the original, but I will on my next trip.

  3. How adorable and cute is your cupid – even with the dollop of poo – but I am sure that will get rained off .

    • He is undercover so someone will have to wipe it off…I hope they do.

  4. I love how you refer to it as a message from the bird

    • The poor little cherub needs a baby wipe.

  5. Yve reminded me ho which I love that place. Hope to return in January.

    • I love it too. I will be back in September.

  6. Heheh, that bird dropping makes him look quite comical, poor thing!

  7. The Palazzo Vecchio is exquisite! I love that the ground floor is open to the public. I can’t resist popping in multiple times when I’m in Florence. Thanks for the sweet post.

  8. Spent a magic few hours here on my last trip.

  9. Love the chubby little cherub cheeks! He is adorable…

  10. I will be in Florence on a solo backpacking trip in a couple months! I will definitely be looking for the little cherub now!

  11. You have such a keen eye … and capture it well.

  12. What a beautiful statue Debra!

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  14. So beautiful!

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