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Spoleto is in Umbria.  We haven’t travelled widely in Umbria, but we hope to remedy this soon.  It is a beautiful area, much like Tuscany, but more sparsely populated.  Spoleto sits in lovely wooded hills, making the drive there very pleasant.

The town is famous for its Festival dei Due Mondi – Festival of the Two Worlds held in June/July.  We were there earlier in the year, so the town was relatively quiet.  The town centre is not very big and I imagine it would be crowded and exciting when the festival is on.  There are lots of shops and restaurants in the tiny, well presented Piazza.  Narrow, cobbled streets and laneways wind up and down the hill from here, offering lots of reasons to explore.

Roman amphitheatre

From the Piazza della Liberta look down on the ruins of the Teatro Romano, from the early empire.  It is in the shadow of the medieval church of S’Agata, which is now a museum of archeology – worth a visit.

the Duomo

The Duomo was built in the Romanesque style in the 12th century.  It has a beautiful facade and an impressive campanile.  The 12th century mosiac floor in the nave is largely original.  There are lovely frescoes by Filippo Lippi in the apse.

the mosiac floor

Outside the town centre is the magnificent Ponte delle Torri.  It stands 76 metres tall and 230 metres long.  It once brought water to the town, but is now a footbridge.  We walked across and marvelled at the brilliance of the builders who achieved this structure without the aid of modern equipment – and it is still standing after all this time. 

the old aquaduct

an interesting fountain on the way to the aquaduct.

At the top of the hill, near the aquaduct is a park with a path that offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.  If you go to Umbria be sure to visit Spoleto.


  1. Thanks for another interesting history lesson! I love Umbria. I can see another trip to Italy coming up! ( not this year!)

  2. It really is impressive when you see engineering feats like the old aqueduct standing strong after all these years its true. Love the old amphitheatre too. Wonder how many years they took to build.

  3. Glad to see people enjoy Italy!!!

    • How could people not enjoy Italy??? We are so glad we bought a house there 7 years ago. It has opened up a whole new world for us.

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