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Busatti – weavers of Florence

Busatti have been weaving beautiful fabrics since 1842.  All aspects of the process, dying, spinning and weaving, are done in Italy.  The fabrics are then finished by hand to make tablecloths, teatowels, towels etc.  Tassels, crochet edges and embroidery make each piece a work of art.

There is a tiny shop beside the Arno in Florence filled with gorgeous things.  It is a perfect place to go for a useful souvenir of Italy or for a gift for a special friend.

Busatti linen

a good range of colours

fringed and crochet edges

beautiful tableware

I have several pieces of Busatti and I can report that they wash and wear well.  It is also possible to buy some of the fabric by the metre.

PS…….April 2012

Since I wrote this post the shop has moved from its location to a new bigger shop in Borgo san Jacopo beside the Arno, on the Pitti Palace side of the Ponte Vecchio.

Here are some photos from the new shop.

the new shop allows them to have much larger displays and many more products on sale.

They also have a fabulous view over the Arno from their balcony and are happy to share it with the world. Click on to see live photos of the Ponte Vecchio. What a good idea!!!

Go into the shop and say hello to Ariele.


  1. I agree. I have used Busatti towels as well. They are beautiful and useful.

  2. I have friends going to Florence soon for a conference so will send them this blog – shop now on my personal list for next visit.

  3. I love those white hand towels – a bit different to the ones you get from China!!
    Thanks for telling me – the shop is now in my ” next trip to Italy” file.

  4. Such beautiful fabrics! I especially liked the checked cloth with the embroidered daisies and lavenders. They’d be a conversation piece if spread on a small or large table. I also love the exquisite cup and saucer on display. Is that Italian china as well? Also reminds me of another beautiful fabric and home ware shop in Lucca, can’t think of its name at the moment, but it’s your favourite one.
    I agree a piece of well-woven, beautifully designed fabric will make a great gift.

  5. I adore beautiful linen. Loved the beautiful tableware image too.

  6. Oh how beautiful, I’m sure it smells nice in there too. There’s such quiet, happy-hug pleasure to be had in using something as simple as a beautiful tea-towel.

  7. Oh, this is lovely…

  8. I have some of the large fringed linen towels that were from my nonnas ‘hope chest/glory box”. From the 1920s with intricate weaving. Beautiful work.

  9. […] in Italy is shop.  Italian design is some of the best in the world.  The fashion is superb, the homewares devine – you really can’t leave without buying something, at least one little trinket […]

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