Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 17, 2023

Notre Dame restoration

I think much of the world watched in horror as flames took hold of Notre Dame in Paris on 15th April 2019. By the time the fire was put out the cathedral’s spire had collapsed and much of its roof and upper walls were damaged.  Fortunately the vaulted stone ceiling prevented extensive internal damage.

Donations to help with the restoration poured in.

The restoration work on Notre Dame is well underway. There are cranes and scaffolding all around the church.

Up close there is a wall with photographs of the work going on within.

The cathedral is expected to reopen in December 2024.


  1. I remember watching TV with tears flowing that horrific fire.
    It still is hard to believe restoration date so much still to be done.

    • Me too! I watched the whole thing live as I was in Italy at the time. It was awful.

  2. It was a terrible experience to watch Notre-Dame burning and the spire collapsing. It should have never happened.

    • I watched with dismay, such a wonderful old building going up in smoke.

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