Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 29, 2022

Noosa, my favourite beach

I have been visiting Noosa since my 20s. It is my favourite beach in the world, particularly Little Cove, a tiny, rocky cove near the main beach.

The first day we arrived in Noosa there was a fierce wind, not the best conditions for being on the beach. We were up early the next day to be there before wind came up.

The trees along the edge of the path make the beach more secluded.

Early in the morning there were few people on the beach. The sand looks a bit darker than usual because of the overnight rain.

I love that first dive into the wave, the salt water, the clean, white sand, and occasional fish swimming at my feet…what more could you want?

The trees at the back of the beach offer some shade and a place to hang a beach bag.


From the rocks at the end of the beach you can see the main Noosa beach.


A carefully placed rock is clinging on despite the waves trying to knock it off.

We walked back to the main beach along the lower track. There are great views of the beach.


On the track I overheard two little girls discussing Noosa. One said “The best things about Noosa are the beaches and the ice cream.” The other one agreed. I do too.

Noosa is a 2 and a half hour drive north of Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast. I wish it was closer.





  1. It is a beautiful place!

    • Noosa is stunning.

  2. My favourite place to visit

  3. I remember going to Noosa in the 60’s and 70’s when it was just a little surfing village – beautiful then and still gorgeous now!

    • I first went there in the 1960s as a teenager and I spent quite a lot of time there from the 1970s. I love it.

  4. My go to for Birthday swim each year, favourite family place since very young.

    • I think it is a favourite for a lot of people.

  5. I love Noosa too. I’ll be there myself in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait! Great photos.

    • Wondeful! Enjoy your visit.

  6. Debra, next time in Noosa, please come visit. Exhibition over, i am now home.

  7. I also wish it was closer 😎

  8. Thanks for the great memories. Best friend lives in Little Cove and loved spending time there. what I love is how the ocean meets the bush.

    • We wanted to buy in Little Cove many years ago. We could not get any interest with agents and gave up. I wish we had tried harder. It is much too expensive now.

  9. Aren’t we so fortunate to have ‘free’ beaches with beautiful clear water and waves!

    • We are very lucky to have wonderful beaches that are free for everyone.

  10. Sadly I have never been to Aus but a wonderful artist , Amanda Brookes, lives there. I have a few of her paintings at home in the uk and 2 here in Italy !

    • Australia is a long way to come…but worth it.

  11. There is nothing like Australian beaches especially Noosa. Always fabulous.

  12. What a gorgeous beach. Ahh it’s been years since I visited Noosa and every time I visited it would rain so I never really got to the beach!

    • What a pity about the weather! Little Cove is my perfect beach.

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