Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 1, 2022

Back home for a while

I am back in Brisbane for a few months. It is jacaranda time and the city is dotted with purple. I love these trees and the purple carpets they create on the ground below them. The fragrance as you walk below is delicious.

I have left my garden at Casa Debbio behind. The unusually warm weather meant that things were still growing. Our new dry stone walls were covered with flowers, roses appeared again, the last of the tomatoes ripened, bees were still buzzing around the lavender and there were even a few raspberries. It is difficult to leave it, but I know Filippo will take care of it until I return next February.

Some yellow flowers I planted turned out to be appealing to an animal who came in the night.

Fortunately the animals don’t like these.

This fat lizard likes the pot where I planted cyclamen.

Grass is growing on the track up to the house. By next summer it should be well established. The lavender on the wall will be pruned soon.

The row of artichokes are growing and we should get a few more next year.

Acanthus dies back in the heat of summer, but the cooler weather brings it back.

It is the same with this plant, it is flowering again now that summer is over.

The caper bush is thriving on the wall. It took years for the seeds I pushed into the wall to grow.

The wisteria over the pergola has thrived this year.


Helibores under the chestnut trees are appearing.

Some rainy days brought the mists swirling through the mountains around us. Cloudy days are nice for a change.


Early in the morning a golden light brings out the autumn colours.

I will miss our lovely mountain house over the next few months, but I also love being back in Brisbane.



  1. Welcome back! The jacarandas are gorgeous but the Tabebuia palmeri – Pink Trumpet Trees are also stunning. Take a drive down Waterworks Road and see them before today’s wind blows everything away!

    • I will look for them, thank you! I have only been home a few days. Soon the poincianas will be in bloom. Brisbane is a colourful city.

  2. Aaaaaaah. Your garden looks absolutely lovely. Enjoy your time in Brisbane.

    • It is great to be back home for a while. We do have a little courtyard garden here to look after.

  3. Yes Debra it is a colourful time in Brisbane especially with the wonderful Jacaranda & other flowering trees. All look spectacular
    after all the rain, but your garden at Casa Debbio is also full of colour. The roses look very healthy and beautiful.

    • The roses were a surprise. There were none when I first arrived, but it cooled down a bit and we got some rain and the garden bloomed again.

  4. The garden looks more and more fabulous each day. Enjoy your stay in Brisbane. I am going to San Francisco next week. Best wishes

    • The garden gets better every year. I am expecting big things next year when the area around the new walls settles down and the grass grows back.

  5. What a chunk of paradise you are creating, Debra.

    • The garden is a delight. I moved several peonies from pots into the garden last week and I hope they all survive and enjoy their new positions. There is always a lot to do but worth the effort when we see the results the next spring.

  6. Your garden is looking beautiful. My own garden north of Brisbane this week is loving the Spring rains. Magnolias in bloom with borders of purple Agapanthus, Red Day Lillies spotted randomly and the Gardenia covered in hundreds of buds. The fence is in full bloom with Jasmine which smells divine. I counted 22 passionfruit on the vine that the possum has not found yet, the chili powder and vicks rub on the fence i am sure helps. Enjoying all this before the Summer heat kicks in. Enjoy your Summer home in Brisbane.

    • Your garden sounds wonderful! We have a courtyard here in Brisbane and we have some lovely plants. We can’t grow herbs as the possums eat them. I am thinking of getting an old bird cage to keep them in. It is as disappointing as the wild goats, deer, wild boar, porcupines, badgers, squirrels etc that eat my plants in Italy.
      The only things that don’t get eaten are peonies, lavender and rosemary, which is why we have lots of them.

  7. So beautiful Debra! Your garden is incredible. I loved Lucca so much this past summer and truly enjoyed your friend. She is a fabulous guide!

    • I love Lucca too. I feel very lucky to live close enough to enable me to visit often.

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